Do you throw away the lemon peels? You are wrong, they are very precious to be reused in this way

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Lemon peels should never be thrown away, in fact they can be used in many ways, food and otherwise

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Is there still someone who throws away the lemon peels? Don't ever do it again, here are some ideas to reuse them in everyday life

Too often we make the serious mistake of squeezing lemon juice by throwing away the peel or rather the zest. Here, on the other hand, there are many properties of the fruit that we can use in different ways. Here are some ideas.

Of this citrus we should not throw away anything, the lemon peel can in fact be useful in different ways and not only for flavoring various cakes and desserts. However, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the lemon peel is organic or untreated in case we intend to consume it.

Even if we don't have organic lemons, we shouldn't waste their zest anyway, there are in fact several situations in which this can be useful.

So here's what you can do with lemon peels.


Candied lemon

If your lemons are not treated you can use the peels to make them candied. The procedure is the same as that of oranges.

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Making green tea even healthier

Drinking green tea every day is a very healthy habit. However, few know that the benefits of this drink are increased by squeezing lemon juice inside and, even more, if you also use the peels.

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Flavor and decorate cocktails

If you love to prepare cocktails at home, keep the lemon peels and use them to flavor and decorate your favorite cocktails. 

Salt or lemon flavored sugar

If you cut the lemon zest into thin strips, taking care to remove the white part, and then dry and pulverize it with a blender, you can then use it to flavor sugar or salt.

Multi-purpose cleaner 

With lemon peels you can self-produce a multipurpose detergent that can also be used as a do-it-yourself dish soap.

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Candles in the lemon peel

Generally, to make candles using citrus peels, larger varieties such as oranges are chosen but in reality you can also use half a lemon. Plus, you'll only need vegetable oil and a wick.

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Fighting bad smells

The lemon peel is perfect for eliminating bad smells, especially those of the kitchen. Just cut the zest of a lemon in half and carefully burn it in a metal container. 

It can also be used for the dishwasher, just put the lemon peel inside and start the program (at maximum load), the dishes will come out even more shiny!

Keep insects and ants away

The lemon keeps some insects away, including ants. We can try putting lemon peels near the windows or doors.  

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