Do you really know how to make great coffee? We explain it to you with the 3 M rule

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Many believe that 3 M is enough to make a good coffee: blend, hand and mocha. We add a fourth em: maintenance.

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That it is hot black, of course, but that it is also prepared to perfection! Because, if coffee is a ritual, its long and careful preparation, made up of precise movements and excellent ingredients, will be even more so.

Many believe that making a good coffee is enough 3 M: mixture, hand e the whole. We add a fourth em: the maintenance. The coffee machine must literally be pampered and cleaned with clear and simple rules.

Here are all the ems to make a good coffee! 


The first emme, which Blend do I use?

De gustobus, but it is essential to be of excellent quality and perhaps prefer blends from fair trade.  
As for taste, there are those who prefer sweeter blends with a hint of acidity (which is one of the first sensations of flavor and which originates from the combination of acids and sugars contained in coffee, a combination that increases its sweetness), typical characteristics of Central American coffees: Mexico, Guatemala (with a slightly vanilla aroma) Costa Rica, Colombia.

There are those who prefer the blend composed of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta, which comes out more intense and full-bodied, like Ethiopian (Limu) and Indian coffees.

Not enough for us? Forbes magazine listed the most expensive and famous blends in the world a few years ago: from Yauco Selecto AA (Puerto Rico) at 40 € per kg to Hacienda La Esmeralda (Boquete, Panama) at 200 € per kg. Sure!

The second em, Mano dolce Mano

Once you have carefully chosen the mixture, your hand will have to gently place it in the filter of the mocha: never, ever press the powder with a spoon!

The third emme, the Moka and its cure (starting from the A of water)

One of the golden rules for making good coffee is not to wash the mocha. Never. It depends on the taste and also on the integrity of the machine itself. 
The mocha must be dry and clean, but never washed with detergent or in the dishwasher. Secondly, thewater it must be rigorously cold and not too calcareous (neither distilled nor demineralized) and above all it must not exceed the level of the valve inside the boiler. 

To the emme of the moka, therefore, we add that of the maintenance: here we reveal to you in detail How to clean the mocha: tricks, tips and mistakes not to do with the coffee maker.

That said, the essential rules for preparing coffee remain:

  1. as we said, put in the tank cold water: only with water that slowly heats up (the flame, for this reason, must be low!), an excellent coffee will come out
  2. inside the boiler, the water must never be placed above the level of the valve
  3. try the coffee beans, grinding it from time to time, and you will feel the difference from the bags of already ground coffee ... If you prefer "hurry up", remember that - in any case - the ground coffee must be stored in a glass container in the fridge to maintain its aroma
  4. as soon as the coffee gurgles, the coffee pot should be removed from the heat, otherwise it will burn. The last part of the coffee must come out with the heat off, and before pouring it into the cups, mix it well.
  5. the coffee should be drunk as soon as it is made! Never let it cool or, even worse, reheat it, worth its taste! If you need to keep it, prefer glass or ceramic containers, but never metal, and reuse it in the preparation of some desserts (tiramisu is the classic of the classics) or a granita.

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