Do you prefer dark chocolate and bitter coffee? It is because you are getting old

    If you prefer bitter over sweet flavors, you are probably an adult or elderly person.

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    If you prefer bitter flavors to sweet ones probably you are an adult or an elderly person. In fact, it seems that, over the years, the taste changes by turning from one type of preference to another. This is what emerges from a research conducted in the USA.

    Chances are you didn't like bitter coffee when you were young and maybe now you can't live without it. The same can also have happened with other foods such as chocolate: if your preference has changed from milk to dark over the years, nothing strange!

    There is an explanation to all this, at least according to research published in the journal Physiology & Behavior. The reason probably lies in the fact that you are getting older.

    The research, by Julie A. Mennella and Nuala K. Bobowski of the University of Philadelpia, has shown that the ability to appreciate sweet flavors decreases over the years. When the child reaches adolescence, in fact, he acquires new preferences and that is why it becomes more likely to opt for a bitter coffee rather than a drink full of sugars.

    Do you prefer dark chocolate and bitter coffee? It is because you are getting old

    Scientists have found that the palate changes over the years. Newborn babies prefer sweet flavors, since the first food they experience is mother's milk and even before birth, the little one already has the ability to perceive these flavors.

    At the beginning of our life, the need for sweets is linked to the growing need for calories useful for development. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the preference for sweets decreases precisely during adolescence, which coincides with the end of physical growth.

    The decline of this preference starts right there, that is when, as we age, habits and tastes change. It is therefore easier for adults and the elderly to prefer bitter coffee, olives, wine, beer, etc.

    Do you reflect yourself in this type of preferences or have you remained a bit of a child and still appreciate sweet foods a lot?

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