Do you know the Woop method? Stop thinking only positively and fulfill your wishes wisely

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Discover Woop, the science-based mental strategy to understand and satisfy your desires, but also change your habits

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

Discover Woop, the science-based mind strategy that people can use to find and satisfy their desires and change their habits for the better

Woop: this is the acronym that will make the difference from now on. Just "think positive" and imagine, visualize your desires. Of course the positive and constructive attitude, so to speak, like the one sung by Jovanotti by now it will be centuries ago (i.e. in 1994), it is never lost but to achieve your goals you must first create a mental contrast and then organize to overcome it.

Wish (wish), Outcome (result), Obstacle (obstacle), Map (planning). woop! The method is signed by Gabriele Oettingen, a social psychologist at New York University and the University of Hamburg (who has always studied how people imagine the future and its impact on cognition, emotions and behavior) and has become a book, "I don't think positive - How to make your wishes come true” della collana of Saturninus Tlon editions. Rich in anecdotes, sources and scientific articles, experiments, discoveries and related practical repercussions, it is a real useful manual that accompanies you in all the steps necessary to fully take possession of this technique that rethinks and completes "positive thinking".

Here are the basic steps for "woppare" (whoever wants to can also get help from an app):

  1. Wish: think of something that - in your life - even if demanding, could be reached in a certain amount of time (a day, a month, a year ... whatever can reasonably be used); build this desire also with your imagination;
  2. Outcome: what concrete, operational result would make the desire come true? Identify the best, most pleasant aspect for you and visualize it, make it visible with the eyes of the imagination;
  3. Obstacle: what is the - interior - obstacle that could stand in the way? What about you could, perhaps unconsciously, block? What thoughts, behaviors, habits, beliefs that maybe you already know that they can present themselves or that generally do not make you proceed in what you want to do? Visualize him well, as he enters the field, always with the eyes of the imagination.
  4. Map: in the face of the obstacle that you have clearly already identified, how do you want to react? What action, the most effective, can you take? Once identified, build the plan: "if" the obstacle presents itself, "then" I will act in this way. here is the mental contrast: if - then. Repeat the phrase and strengthen your awareness of this strategy within you.

This is to begin with. WOOP uses mental contrast, asking participants to compare a desire with an inner obstacle and then create an "if-then" plan. This is important because research shows that positive thinking alone does not help adults or students achieve their goals. In practice, it has been shown that we are most successful when we clearly define a desired outcome, identify potential obstacles and create plans to overcome those barriers. 

“In the last decade - explains the author - my colleagues and I have tested this technique with people of different ages, social conditions and cultures; Over and over again we have found that Woop allows you to pursue your desires wisely and produces more advantageous short and long term results ”. And then, a clarification: “With Woop you can learn a lot about yourself; it is a knowledge that must always be placed at the service of a greater purpose: the connection with others and with the world ”.

In practice: let's use it in a non-predatory way, not to achieve selfish desires or personal gains but for our own and everyone's good. Together.

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