Do you always wake up at the same time every morning? The benefits for body and mind are incredible

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Did you know that waking up at the same time each morning can lead to numerous benefits for your mental and physical health? Let's see why.

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One of the essential components of our well-being is being able to sleep well every night for the hours necessary to recharge our energies. Sleeping well helps relieve stress, makes you more energetic in the morning, improves aesthetics (smoother skin, fewer dark circles) and, above all, improves health. However, it's not just being able to sleep for at least 8 hours every night that matters, too the time when the alarm sounds in the morning it is important. Let's see why. (Also read: 10 reasons to wake up early every morning)

Why does waking up at the same time every morning improve your life?

One of the most effective ways to ensure restful sleep is wake up at the same time every morning. A 2018 survey of more than 1.000 participants showed that people who always wake up at a specific time turn out to be more satisfied in general in every area of ​​their life. In fact, compared to those who always get up at a different time, people with more rigorous morning habits are 13% more satisfied with their personal life, 45% more satisfied with their financial situation and 42% more satisfied with the conciliation of family, free time and work.

There are three main benefits of waking up at the same time every morning. Let's explore them together.


It makes the days more consistent and controllable

Have one routine it certainly helps you with the organization of your day and to avoid many unpleasant unforeseen events, such as arriving late at your workplace and for an important appointment.

Of course, waking up early also helps you to have more hours available and, therefore, also to be more productive, as confirmed by a study published in the academic journal Cognitive Neuropsychology, which suggests that getting up early could be the key to reaching the peak of productivity, which would explain why people who wake up at the same time every morning are much happier with their financial and work situations.

Helps us avoid "social jet lag"

We often use weekends to make up for all the hours of sleep lost during the week, also due to excessive work overload. This however can lead to an effect known as “Jet lag social”, that is, we sacrifice our rest times perhaps to stay up late during the rest days because we know that the next morning we can get up without the alarm clock. However, several researches show that these changes in schedules can have negative effects on cholesterol levels, on one's diet, on heart health and, in the long run, also on ours. mental health.

Avoid snoozing your alarm clock

Many of us set multiple alarms on our phone (maybe 5-10 minutes apart) because it takes us a long time to get out from under the warm blankets of our bed. However, as experts at the Cleveland Clinic American Academic Medical Center tell us, postponing the alarm is bad for your health, because in those few minutes away you are not really resting and increasing the level of stress experienced during the day.

In conclusion, wake up at the same time every morning improves our mental and physical well-being. Even if unfortunately there will be unexpected events that will not always allow you to respect the rest time, trying to have one is an investment that should not be underestimated for our health and, consequently, for our life in general.

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