Do not wrap your children's sandwiches in aluminum, even the Ministry confirms the risks of migration

The analyzes showed that aluminum migrates into acidic raw foods stored in the refrigerator and into foods cooked in foil with or without condiments.

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Aluminum can migrate into acidic raw foods stored in the refrigerator and into foil-baked foods, with or without seasonings. Even the Ministry confirms the danger of food contact with the so-called tinfoil after Striscia la Notizia returned to the topic

Last night Striscia the news came back to talk about the health problems related to aluminum, the silver paper used to preserve food and for cooking in foil.

During the report broadcast yesterday, Max Laudadio retraced the steps of the investigation into aluminum and interviewed the Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, who confirmed the potential danger of aluminum in contact with food.

The particular, the aluminum foil releases aluminum particles inside the food highly acidic raw foods, such as lemon and tomatoes. For this reason, the manufacturers themselves advise against storing acidic foods wrapped in aluminum foil.

Not only that: although aluminum is indicated on the packaging for cooking in foil, the analyzes carried out by the chemistry department of the University of Milan have shown a migration of aluminum particles inside meat and fish during this type of cooking, whether the food is seasoned and salty or whether no seasoning is used.

Aluminum is a toxic metal and for this reason EFSA has set gods maximum exposure limits, related to body weight: for example, a person weighing 60 kilograms should not exceed 60 milligrams of aluminum particles per week, as confirmed by Professor Paola Fermo.
The problem is that there are others sources of aluminum, including water, therefore it is easy to exceed the maximum tolerable dose by our body.

Already in September 2018 Laudadio had asked Giulia Grillo to intervene on the aluminum problem and the former Minister had assured further analyzes by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and a quick response.
A few days ago, the journalist returned to the Ministry and collected the statements of Deputy Minister Sileri.

“After the services of the Strip, the Superior Institute of Health has deepened the research and confirmed that there is a phenomenon, called "migration", which produces aluminum concentrations in the food it comes into contact with. It is necessary to inform the population and therefore on the Ministry website there will be indications on how and when to use this metal in the kitchen. For example, do not keep your child's sandwich wrapped in aluminum foil for hours and do not reuse the foil, ”said the deputy minister.

It is then necessary ask companies for more clarity, compared to the instructions on the aluminum packs:

“Everyone's help is needed because incorrect use can be harmful to health. Furthermore, the Ministry has written to the European Commission to bring this issue to the food safety meetings ”, concluded Sileri.

However, there are some alternatives to aluminum, a disposable product that in addition to causing dangerous migrations into food is also a source of environmental pollution.

Foods can be stored in the refrigerator in glass containers or wrapped in a cloth treated with beeswax.

The cooking of food in the oven can instead be carried out in ceramic dishes, instead of using disposable aluminum trays and trays or foil.

As for the packed lunch, sandwiches and sanck can be transported using compostable film, in addition to the aforementioned fabric waterproofed thanks to beeswax, or simply wrapped in a cloth napkin and placed inside practical bamboo containers. .

Safer and more ecological solutions to aluminum to store, cook and transport food there are: let's use them!

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