Do hair dyes increase breast cancer risk?

We know that it would be better to use natural substances as much as possible, even to cover our gray hair. But are those who use chemical hair dyes more likely to get breast cancer? New American research tries to shed some light.

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We know that it would be better to use natural substances as much as possible, even to cover our gray hair. But who uses the hair dyes of chemical origin is more likely to get sick of breast cancer? New American research tries to shed some light.

We refer to a study published in the journal Carcinogenesis e conducted by Rutgers University in New York and the state of New Jersey. The research team sampled more than 4 white and African American women (aged 20 to 75) with or without breast cancer to explore a possible link between certain hair care products and the risk of developing this type of cancer.

The study authors looked at probable risk factors for breast cancer: family history, personal health, hormone use, lifestyle, etc. However, they specifically focused on using hair products such as dyes and conditioning treatments containing cholesterol and placenta. When evaluating the exposure of all women to the chemicals in these products, they noted an increased risk of breast cancer in those who used them most often.

In particular for African American women, the use of dyes is associated with a 51% increase in cancer risk breast while for White women the use of smoothing makes it even increase by 74% the risk of getting sick, this is further aggravated if women use both categories of products.

What would be the link between these products and the increased risk of breast cancer? The study did not analyze the practical aspects of the matter, which compounds would be dangerous and why. The most accredited hypothesis, as emphasized by Dr. Stefania Gori, director of the Department of Oncology at the Cancer Care Center of the Sacro Cuore-Don Calabria hospital in Negrar (Verona), is that the cancer risk is increased by aromatic amines, substances present in the hair products mentioned above. In the long run, these would damage the DNA by mutating the cells and thus favoring the appearance of tumors.

Overall, the study authors conclude that there is a relationship between the use of these products and an increased risk of breast cancer but that more research is needed to learn more about the topic and have a definitive confirmation. We take this opportunity to remind you then that cancers, including breast cancer, are prevented first of all with a healthy diet and a correct lifestyle.

We had already told you about a research from the University of Lund in Sweden that had compared the blood tests of hairdressers, who often use hair dyes and other products based on chemical compounds, with those of those who do not. often serve of these substances. The presence or absence of 8 potentially carcinogenic compounds, precisely the aromatic amines and obviously, hairdressers were very exposed to these substances.

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As always we recommend that you use chemical dyes as little as possible preferring instead natural colors. Read our article on hair dyeing and highlighting herbs.

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