Do Fedez slippers for foot reflexology really work?

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Thanks to rapper Fedez, these bizarre foot reflexology slippers are becoming popular, but are they really good for everyone?

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Thanks to rapper Fedez, these bizarre foot reflexology slippers are becoming popular, but are they really good for everyone?

In recent weeks, “slippers” designed for practicing foot reflexology while walking around the house are becoming popular. To launch this new trend was, as often happens in these cases, an influencer: the rapper Fedez. Forced to quarantine at home because he contracted Covid and wanting to try new strategies to take care of his own well-being, the Milanese singer has seen fit to buy these strange "extreme slippers" on Amazon (as he defined them himself in a post on Instagram) , then telling his fans that they are far too uncomfortable to wear, even for just a few minutes a day.

The slippers purchased, in reality, are not a toy and should not be worn lightly. Let's take a closer look at what the practice of foot reflexology is, what its benefits are and why you shouldn't follow the “health” advice of an influencer so lightly. 

Foot reflexology: benefits and risks

Foot reflexology is a medical treatment that has been practiced for centuries: it involves exerting pressure on different points of the sole of the foot which, according to traditional Chinese medicine, have repercussions on different parts of the body. In practice, it is as if every part of our body - brain, intestinal system, sensory organs and so on - were also represented by a specific point of the plantar plant: stimulating that point in the right way, therefore, means obtaining benefits for the system. or the corresponding body part.

Despite the very ancient origin of this practice, the scientific literature has not yet fully explored its effective efficacy (so far only small-scale studies have been conducted), and its benefits therefore remain unsupported by scientific evidence. One most important study, conducted a few years ago, has demonstrated the many benefits of this practice - as long as it is implemented correctly and with the consultation of your general practitioner. But what are the actual advantages that we can derive from the practice of foot reflexology?

  • Decrease in stress. Relaxation and stress reduction is perhaps the most important advantage of this practice: reflexology, in fact, improves blood circulation by lowering pressure and helping to decrease anxiety and stress levels. The reduction of stress brings with it another, very important benefit: the improvement of sleep quality.
  • Faster digestion. Exerting pressure on certain points of the plantar plant, connected to the stomach and digestive system, will help improve intestinal mobility and, consequently, will help us digest better.
  • Rested eyes. Reflexology can also help us to remove stress and fatigue from our eyes, worn out every day for many hours in front of the screens of PCs and smartphones - you just need to know how to touch the right points.
  • Nervous system health. The nervous system also passes through the feet and can often cause annoying disorders such as that of restless legs syndrome: using acupressure slippers adequately applies pressure to the exact nerve points from which the discomfort originates, allowing us a peaceful rest and without spasms.

In short, foot reflexology would seem a panacea for many ills, but be careful before starting to practice it as the presence of other pathologies would only make it harmful. Circulatory problems, diabetes, gout, excessive blood clotting are problems that should not be underestimated when it comes to reflexology - here's why we recommend that you contact your doctor and do not rely on purchases promoted on social networks by influencers without medical skills!

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