Dinner canceling: how the diet that eliminates dinner works. Advantages and contraindications

Dinner canceling, the diet that eliminates dinner, has become famous because it is followed by Fiorello. Let's find out how it works.

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Dinner canceling, the diet that eliminates dinner, became famous because it was followed by a much loved TV personality, Rosario Fiorello. Let's find out how it works.

Lately Fiorello appears very thin and he himself revealed that he managed to lose weight in a few weeks thanks to dinner canceling, a diet that, as the name suggests, literally "disappears dinner" in order to lose weight quickly but also for counteracting aging.

This diet was devised by a German personal trainer, Dieter Grabbe, and it is actually a diet that goes beyond the simple indication of following, more or less frequently, an evening fast.


Dinner canceling, how it works

To develop this diet, Grabbe started with study at Roy Walford (professor of pathology at the University of California) on longevity through calorie reduction. Walford was in fact one of the leading experts and convinced supporters of the fact that the calorie restriction is a fundamental means of maintaining health and living longer.

The basic idea is that this diet can activate the so-called heat shock molecules, substances that allow the body's protein structures to function at their best. These are stimulated and multiplied thanks to short periods of fasting.

The time interval in which it is recommended avoid taking food va from 17pm until the next morning but you can still drink it (indeed it is recommended to do it in high doses just in the evening). Immediately before fasting it is good to consume an energy snack in order to better resist the following hours without food.

Of course, in order to fast in the evening and at night, it is necessary during the rest of the day, take in all the nutrients your body needs.

The right amount of movement must also be associated with the diet. Just walk every day, or at least 4 times a week, for half an hour or practice moderate physical activity.

What to eat

The dinner canceling diet recommends strongly reduce fat and to combine the foods that contain the different nutrients according to the scheme: 5% carbohydrates, 25% proteins and 10% fats.

Fundamental, also in order to be able to withstand fasting better, is to do hearty breakfasts. This is the main meal of the day and it can be plentiful.

Fundamental then drink a lot and not just in the evening. Naturally water, to be consumed up to 3 liters on the days when an evening fast is practiced. It is important that it is at room temperature.

Dinner canceling, as far as following it

This diet is defined by Grabbe as “a vacation for the organs” and, according to him, it can be beneficial to follow it even once a week, precisely to give relief and allow the regeneration of the liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.

However, it is usually recommended to fast in the evening for two or three times a week and repeat the practice cyclically for a few months. This mode is recommended for those who want to keep fit and lose weight gradually.

Then there is the 14 day variant which includes an evening fast for the entire indicated period and then continues with dinner cancellation only a few days a week. This mode is generally recommended for overweight people.

Dinner canceling, contraindications

Even this diet can present contraindications and problems, for example that of not knowing how to balance meals well, thus ensuring all the nutrients before fasting and avoiding imbalances in the body.

People with medical conditions and taking medications should seek their doctor's consent before embarking on a fast. As always, we advise you to rely on an expert to understand if this type of diet (or any other) is suitable for your needs.

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