Digestion: 10 natural remedies to help it

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Natural remedies for digestion. Digestion can be favored in a natural way thanks to some simple precautions. Let's find out some of the digestive remedies you can choose from.

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La digestion it can be improved in a natural way thanks to a few simple tricks. It is favored not only by dedicating oneself to movement after meals and by the good habit of not consuming excessive quantities of food, but also by the choice of beverages to be consumed after meals and herbal remedies more effective.

Among the natural remedies more useful for improving digestion we find some yoga positions and the intake of specific hot herbal teas. Let's find out some of the digestive remedies you can choose from.


Digestive herbal tea with fennel and rosemary seeds

A digestive and at the same time purifying herbal tea can be prepared by infusing two teaspoons of fennel seeds and a teaspoon of rosemary in half a liter of boiling water for ten minutes. This herbal tea must be filtered through a sieve and drunk after the main meals.

Digestive herbal tea with artichoke

Il artichoke, if consumed with meals it promotes digestion. From its leaves it is possible to obtain a herbal tea with digestive power. It is sufficient to leave five grams of to infuse for ten minutes dried artichoke leaves in 250 milliliters of boiling water. There tisane it will have to be filtered and drunk after meals. Artichoke leaves can be purchased at a herbalist's shop.

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hot water bottle

Place one hot water bottle at stomach height - or alternatively a pillow stuffed with cherry stones or flax seeds to be heated on the radiator - contributes to dilate blood vessels and to favor the digestion process.

Lemon juice and baking soda

One of the most popular grandmother's remedies for aiding digestion is to fill up a glass of water and in adding to it two tablespoons of lemon juice and the tip of a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. It is necessary to mix and drink right away. It is a remedy that, in addition to promoting digestion, should reduce heartburn.

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Infusion of yarrow

THEyarrow infusion represents a herbal remedy suitable for promoting digestion, as well as relieving menstrual cramps and as a natural tranquilizer. The yarrow infusion is prepared using 1,5 grams of the plant per cup. It must be prepared just before use and several cups per day can be consumed.

Hot water and lemon peel

A quick way to make a digestive drink is to make a decoction of lemon peels. The peel of half a lemon it must be left to boil in water for a few minutes, until it has released its color and aroma. It must therefore be filtered and consumed at the temperature considered ideal for a drink that can promote digestion: 38 ° C.


Among the foods considered suitable in case of difficult digestion there is the grapefruit. It could therefore be useful to choose to consume this fruit during the day and in case of digestive problems. Eating the whole fruit after a meal also not only improves digestion, it helps prevent swelling at the abdominal and intestinal level.

Decoction of apple and orange peels

Have you ever thought you could prepare a digestive decoction using those parts of the fruit which are often mistakenly considered waste. The ideal solution is to have the organic fruit. In a saucepan containing 250 milliliters of water, simmer a teaspoon of chopped orange peel and a teaspoon of chopped apple peel for about ten minutes. Filter and drink after meals.

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Infusion of sage and chamomile

La sage and chamomile they are two of the most widespread and used officinal herbs, both considered effective in promoting digestion. You need one teaspoon of dried sage leaves and one teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers for each 250 milliliter cup of boiling water. Leave infuse for ten minutes, filter and drink after meals.


Among the asanas (positions) of the yoga there are some considered more suitable than others in order to promote digestion. Matsya's position (Matsyendrasana), or "fish position", helps facilitate digestion by massaging the abdominal organs and stimulating the production of bile. Vajra's position (Vajrasana), "The lightning bolt", is easy to perform and helps improve digestion by acting on the meridians linked to the digestive system.

Which ones are they your remedies to digest?

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