Diet: 7 golden rules for weight loss that any nutritionist would give you

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Here are 7 basic rules to keep in mind to lose weight without too many sacrifices

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Losing weight or dieting is very difficult for many people. Yet it would be enough to start with some advice that any expert would be ready to give

Lose the extra pounds or never have to deal with them. Dispose of the roundness around the waistline or put a few extra grams, have a complicated relationship with the scale or, rather, not even have it at home. Everyone, more or less, has the constant enigmatic need to make peace with the weight of our body.

Yet, according to nutritionists, finding a respite with food is the simplest thing in this world, you just need to follow a few rules.

Rather than indulge in the latest diet of the moment, just take a look at what the experts recommend.

Here are 7 basic rules for which losing weight will be easier for you:


Drink more water and less alcohol

Simple assumption: alcohol contains more calories than you think and more. Many people think they're hungry when they're just thirsty, so drinking more water throughout the day can also help stop gulping down extra calories.

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Eat foods rich in fiber

Begin to incorporate more fiber-rich foods into your normal diet. These are, in fact, to help you feel full. Fiber is found in fruits and vegetables, wholemeal bread, pasta, brown rice, beans, peas, lentils, and oats.

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Do not eliminate any food!

Some diets recommend banning certain foods altogether, but experts warn against this bad habit. If you like everything, that's all you need to eat, obviously in the right quantities and with not too elaborate toppings.

Add more fruits and vegetables throughout the day

It is essential for reducing calories and staying healthy. Fruits and vegetables are not only low in calories and fat, but also high in fiber, both of which are vital for losing weight. You can try adding a chopped banana or handful of berries to your cereal or yogurt, or make a 100% unsweetened fruit smoothie. For lunch, you could add lettuce, tomatoes or cucumbers to the sandwich you bring to the office, or make cucumbers, carrot sticks or celery sticks for a snack.

Eat regularly and stop nibbling

The secret to not constantly nibbling and gaining weight is not to skip breakfast and lunch above all and not to miss anything in terms of nutritional elements during the main meals. Experts say eating regularly helps burn calories at a faster rate.

Find a way to exercise more

Don't run away: being active is the key to losing weight and not putting it back on, burning calories. Taking a course regularly but also going for a run in the park 2 or 3 times a week, walking or cycling to go to work will help keep you in shape, benefit your heart and lose weight.

Learn to read food labels

All products have food labels showing how many calories, fat and other ingredients they contain. Cutting down on high calorie and unhealthy products can really help. But beware of misleading wording that can be misleading and focus on the ingredients and the order in which they are mentioned.

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