Died at two weeks of herpes, that's why babies should never be kissed 

    The story of little Kiara, who died at 2 weeks of a virus contracted through someone's kiss.

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    It happened in Great Britain, where little Kiara probably contracted the virus through someone's kiss

    At just two weeks old, she died after contracting the herpes simplex virus from a kiss. Little Kiara fell ill in a very short time and there was nothing for her to do: after four days in the hospital, the neonatal herpes prevailed.

    This was announced by parents, Kelly Ineson, 30, and Thomas Cummins, 26, of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, who remember how dangerous kisses especially from strangers can be on newborns whose immune systems are practically nil.

    "Not even in my worst nightmares had I thought that a kiss could kill my daughter," said mother Kelly. Doctors told us that Kiara probably contracted the virus through someone's kiss. We have always been careful and we have not allowed anyone who seemed ill or who had not washed their hands to approach her ”.

    The baby was hospitalized 10 days after birth due to one abnormal weight loss. After four days in which the medical staff failed to diagnose the virus, the newborn went into kidney failure and sepsis, to the point that the doctors opted for induced coma.

    Diagnosed with neonatal herpes, there was nothing more to be done and keeping her alive would cause irreversible brain damage. So, it was decided to turn off the machines.

    Died at two weeks of herpes, that's why babies should never be kissed 

    Unfortunately, Kiara's is not the first case: neonatal HSV (herpes simplex virus) infection has a high mortality and significant morbidity (estimated from 1/3 thousand to 1/20 thousand births). It is usually transmitted during the delivery through the infected maternal genital tract, but it can also happen that carriers of the virus do not know that they are contagious and that they are in close contact with a newborn.

    This is why pediatricians recommend not to kiss such small children and not only: a newborn has not yet developed an immunological profile and is thus more exposed to all forms of infections and bacteria.

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