Diarrhea: 10 beneficial foods

Diarrhea. What to do in case of diarrhea? Taking a medicine could be the most obvious choice for many. Medicines have the effect of stopping diarrhea in a short time, allowing you to quickly return to your daily activities. In this way, however, the body will not be able to get rid of any bacteria or toxins that could have been expelled thanks to diarrhea.

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How to behave in case of Diarrhea? Taking a medicine could be the most obvious choice for many. Medicines have the effect of stopping diarrhea in a short time, allowing you to quickly return to your daily activities. In this way, however, the organism will not be able get rid of any bacteria or toxins that thanks to diarrhea they could have been expelled.

Among causes of diarrhea there may be: allergies, food poisoning, intestinal disorders, drug side effects, indigestion and excessive alcohol consumption. The choice of certain beneficial foods it can help make diarrhea more bearable and shorten the course. We indicate some some, remembering that the body's reactions to food in such a delicate condition can vary from person to person.


Brown rice

Diarrhea: 10 beneficial foods

Il brown rice it is recommended in case of diarrhea due to its content of B vitamins, which help to counteract the symptoms of this disorder. Rice will aid in eliminating toxins from the body and can bring relief to the intestines in a short time.

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Diarrhea: 10 beneficial foods

Bananas contribute to reinstatement in the body the mineral salts expelled due to diarrhea. They will also be able to absorb a part of the liquids present in the intestine, in order to make the disturbance less annoying. In general, bananas promote intestinal transit and contribute to daily regularity.


Diarrhea: 10 beneficial foods

Yogurt, whether traditional or vegetable, is usually considered a useful food to be taken in case of diarrhea, in order to rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora. The choice of yogurt is not obvious. Its assumption will be useful only if it contains gods live ferments and active.

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Diarrhea: 10 beneficial foods

Lemon presents to the healing properties able to positively affect the digestive system. In case of diarrhea, lemon can be consumed in wedges, like a real fruit, or in the form of a drink to be prepared fresh. Lemon juice can be diluted in water or a hot herbal tea.

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Diarrhea: 10 beneficial foods

Garlic is among the foods considered to be real natural drugs, suitable for the protection of our health. Garlic helps to promoteexpulsion by the body of virus, bacteria or parasites that could be responsible for ailments such as diarrhea.

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Diarrhea: 10 beneficial foods

The consumption of carrots is recommended in case of diarrhea due to their richness Vitamins, in order to reintegrate them in the organism, and of pectin, useful for the functioning of the intestine. Carrots can be eaten cooked, in the form of a puree, or in the form of fresh juice to be consumed at room temperature.

Herbal Teas

In situations of intestinal irritability and irregularity there are some medicinal plants which are useful in the preparation of herbal teas with a relaxing effect, able to act in this sense on the muscles of the intestine, bringing it back to regular functioning. Among the most useful medicinal plants in this sense for the preparation of herbal teas we find mallow, chamomile, melissa and linden.


Diarrhea: 10 beneficial foods

Oats are a rich grain soluble fibers, considered useful for calming the intestine and promoting the return of its functions to normal. The soluble fibers absorb excess fluids and allow you to relieve pain and discomfort in a short time. Oats can be consumed in the form of flakes to be rehydrated or grains to be cooked. Another useful cereal for this purpose is represented bybarley.

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Diarrhea: 10 beneficial foods

Apples are a real panacea for health and are useful in case of diarrhea. They can be eaten both raw and cooked, are easily digestible and, like oats, contain soluble fiber, which contributes to re-establish the regular functioning of the intestine.

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Diarrhea: 10 beneficial foods

Not excessively hot cereal and vegetable soups can be a food to be taken during the main meals in case of diarrhea. Their heat can help donate the gut with one feeling of relaxation and to bring its functions back into balance. The soups also help the body to remineralize and enrich itself with vitamins, as well as a replenish fluids.

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