Diabetes: These powerful little seeds have been shown to lower blood sugar by 39%

Several studies have shown how chia seeds help in improving blood sugar levels thanks to their beneficial properties.

Managing your diet is essential for people with diabetes. Specifically, type 2 diabetes sufferers should try to focus on all those foods that help maintain a healthy weight, improve blood sugar control, and prevent complications such as cardiovascular disease. (Also Read: Diabetes: This super high iron seaweed is the best food for lowering fasting blood sugar)

Some studies have identified moles Chia seeds, for an superfoods which comes from the Salvia hispanica plant, with beneficial properties that help lower blood sugar levels and prevent rapid and significant increases in glucose values. Let's see two that have analyzed the beneficial effects of taking chia seeds.

Studies on chia seeds and blood sugar

Research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition analyzed the effects that fibers contained in chia seeds can have on postprandial glycaemia and satiety indices. The study involved 15 healthy men who were given foods supplemented with 25g of chia seeds or 31,5g of flaxseed on three separate occasions. The results showed how chia seeds managed to slow the rapid rise in blood glucose values ​​by 39% and gave higher satiety indices than flax seeds, most likely due to the viscosity of the fibers contained in chia. These fibers help reduce cholesterol harmful by binding to lipids in the digestive tract and dragging them out of the body.

In another study conducted in Canada, the researchers sought to compare the effects on weight loss of two different low-calorie diets assigned to two groups of participants: one that included 30 g of chia seeds per day and another consisting of 36. g of oats per day. After 6 months, the subjects who received the chia seed diet had lost more weight with reduced blood sugar levels, considerably reduced waist circumference and showed improvement in C-reactive protein levels.


People with diabetes should still try to pay attention taking chia seeds, as they may cause your blood sugar to drop to such an extent that you need to adjust your insulin dosage.

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