Diabetes: The 10 most common early symptoms to watch out for

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Symptoms of Diabetes. What are the early symptoms of diabetes? Here is a disease that can appear at any age, almost without warning.

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Which are the first symptoms of diabetes? Here is a disease that, with particular reference to type 2 diabetes, can appear at any age, almost without warning. In fact, it is not always easy for ordinary people to grasp the signs of its appearance. Sometimes the symptoms are so mild that patients don't notice they have any health problems until they have the specific exams.

We describe the 10 most common early symptoms of diabetes second, remembering that for every slightest doubt it is always good consult your doctor, who will be able to indicate the experts to contact and the analyzes to be carried out to verify their actual health conditions.


Blurred vision

- eyes they are an organ that can be very affected by diabetes. Some diabetics may experience poor eyesight. Symptoms of diabetes may include blurred or blurred vision. Eye problems would arise mainly from high blood glucose levels. Due to diabetes, the optic nerve can also be damaged.

Sudden weight loss

also the sudden weight changes can be a sign of diabetes. The phenomenon of sudden weight loss would mainly affect patients suffering from 1 type diabetes. The frequent need to urinate and the body's inability to absorb sugars can lead to high weight loss in a short time.

Excessive hunger

Always have hungry for no reason it is not a good sign, especially if you are not in a period in which for various reasons you are eating less or dedicating yourself more to sport. In this case, continued hunger could be a symptom of diabetes. Diabetes prevents the body from transforming sugars into energy, hence the frequent search for food to recharge.


Diabetes puts our body in serious trouble with regards to healing from infections. This is due to the large quantities of sugars circulating in our body, which do not allow it to react promptly to these ailments. Some examples may relate to the difficulties of healing from bladder infections or to the genital organs.


Numbness in the limbs and pins and needles are conditions that may indicate damage to the body nerves or blood vessels which carry the necessary nourishment towards them. Among the most easily recognizable symptoms we find the sensation of tingling level of the feet or hands, especially if it occurs frequently.


This is a very important symptom of diabetes. Because of the disease, in fact, one can feel in a real state of mental confusion and warn difficulty concentrating and maintenance of attention. It is, once again, a sign that should not be underestimated.

Erectile dysfunction

La erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is indicated as a common symptom among men with diabetes and would affect 35% to 70% of the total. If you have more than 50 years and if you are often faced with difficulties of this kind, it could be a sign of diabetes.


Exhaustion, tiredness and fatigue are among the most common early signs of diabetes. If theinsulin it does not work as it should, or if it is not present at all, the glucose will not reach the cells of the body, preventing them from receiving the necessary nutrition and energy.


Because of 2 type diabetes patients can suffer from irritability even in the face of insignificant episodes. They can show up mood swings and behavioral changes. If irritability appears suddenly and if you tend to react badly even without being challenged, you should consider irritability as a worrying sign of diabetes.

seven frequent

The appearance of a frequent feeling of thirst it relates to the previous symptoms and represents one of the possible symptoms of diabetes mentioned talk to your doctor in case of doubt. This could be a reaction of the body to low energy and high blood glucose levels. The presence of a single symptom does not usually indicate diabetes, but when in doubt it is advisable undergo specific tests.

Fonte: Healthline

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