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A selection of quick and easy detox soups to detoxify the body from excesses and more.In winter, soups warm us up and help us purify ourselves when we have a little overdone at the table with sweets and fried dishes or a little too much heavy. Here, to feel lighter, we can prepare the detox soup we prefer.

We choose the ingredients of our detox soup according to the season. For example, in autumn and winter we can give preference to vegetables such as kale, cabbage, pumpkin and cauliflower. Here is a collection of recipes to make your own soup detox.


Detox lentil soup

Among the ingredients recommended to prepare a purifying soup we find lentils, turmeric and ginger. Thanks to these healthy spices you can prepare a detox and tasty soup. If you like oriental flavors, as an alternative to lentil soup you can also try the lentil dahl

Zuppa detox light


Photo source: The corn grain

La light purifying soup is a vegetable soup prepared from a base of celery and fennel to which you can add, for example, carrots and tomatoes. Here the recipe.

Detox soup with apples and celery


With celery and apples you can prepare your own sweet and sour winter detox soup that you can garnish with pomegranate grains. Discover the recipe for the detox soup with apples and celery

Detox soup with cauliflower and turmeric

Photo source: Chizzocute

If you like the cauliflower don't forget to use them as an ingredient to prepare the creamy base of your soups. You can combine cauliflower with potatoes and vegetables, such as chard and spinach and flavor them with spices such as turmeric. Here the recipe.

Detox soup of miso and tofu

Miso soup is considered a dish with a purifying, nourishing and energizing power thanks to the presence of the broth prepared with miso, an ingredient obtained from the fermentation of soy.

Detox Mung Bean and Spinach Soup

Font photo: Vegandshout

Spinach and just a fagioli are two ingredients with strong purifying properties that you can use to prepare your detox soup. Mung beans are easily found in health food stores. Here the recipe.

Detox soup of chickpeas and broccoli

Photo source: Cuisine of the soul

Select broccoli and chickpeas if you want to prepare a purifying soup that is at the same time very tasty and tasty. Here is the recipe to follow.

 Purifying soup of beets, fennel and apples

Photo source: Starbooksblog

To prepare a purifying soup we can combine fennel and apples with the beetroot, with its characteristic taste and color that immediately make the dishes more tasty and cheerful. Here the recipe.

Detox carrot and ginger soup

Photo source: Eat as you run

With boiled or steamed carrots and a touch of fresh or powdered ginger you can prepare your purifying and warming soup. Here the recipe.

Pumpkin detox soup

If you want to prepare a detox soup, don't forget the beneficial and purifying properties of pumpkin, which is a very nutritious food and which helps us to enrich our diet with color and health. Follow the complete pumpkin detox soup recipe

Which ones are they your favorite detox soups?

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