Detox or not Detox? Take the test to find out how intoxicated you are

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The test is very simple, you just need a pen and paper. Answer the questions by writing down the value corresponding to the situation on a piece of paper.

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In recent years, attention to purification and detox has been increasingly high.
The fear of getting sick due to toxins breathed in, drunk or absorbed from who knows what food or substance is increasing, moreover detox is also synonymous with beauty, because a skin pure from harmful substances is always more beautiful and shining. Therefore, the combination of health and beauty becomes closer to our knowledge and our desires, thus implying a greater attention to food, to our lifestyle and to our psychophysical health.


But do we know exactly how intoxicated we are and in particular, why?

First of all it would be good to make a differentiation between the concept of intoxication and intoxication, in fact they do not speak of the same thing.
The deposit in our organism of undesirable substances derives both from an accumulation of toxins (intoxication) and from the introduction of toxic, poisonous substances (intoxication), for example in the case of heavy metals, fertilizers, antibiotics, etc.

Very often the toxins are waste and residues produced by our metabolism.

In fact, the presence of small quantities of toxins in our tissues is perfectly normal, since the organism generates waste due to its very functioning.

So in a normal situation our body is able to quickly get rid of the toxins it has produced thanks to 4 organs also called main emunctors such as liver, kidneys, lungs, intestine, they filter the blood by extracting toxins and rejecting them outside.

But if these are already fatigued, the toxins remain in the circulation or are "thrown" into other organs such as the skin.

In the context of naturopathy, various techniques are used such as iridology or kinesiology and as much knowledge to understand how many toxins are present in the circulation, what type of toxins they are and why they have accumulated.

In fact, the concept of intoxication of our organism depends on two fundamental principles the theory of vitalism i.e. how much vital or self-healing energy we have and how much our humors i.e. body fluids such as lymph and blood are rich in toxins (humor theory).

The stronger our vital energy, the more the toxins will be pushed outwards, on the contrary a low vital energy will lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body and in turn manifestations of various symptoms.

Having said this, I created a very easy test to understand the level of intoxication we belong to and therefore what kind of detox would be necessary.

The test is very simple, you just need a pen and paper. Answer the questions by writing down on a sheet the value corresponding to the situation or symptomatology in which you are reflected, at the end of the test add all the values ​​to understand to what degree of intoxication / intoxication you belong.

Try to be honest with yourself, and think carefully before answering, another piece of advice? Don't be conditioned by the value of the question.
At the end of the test you will find some small tips regarding the level reached.

How's your gut doing?

 5 - I have swelling every day or very often
 3 - I swell only after a few foods
 2 - I only swell during ovulation (women)
 0- I'm fine
 1- I swell very rarely
 3-I suffer from or have suffered in the last year from cystitis or candida
 3- I suffer from irritable colon

How's your stomach?

 2 - I have a bloated stomach or a lot of burp
 3 - I suffer from burning and acidity
 0 - I also digest stones and I have no pain
 3 - I suffer from recurrent nausea

How's your skin?

 2- I have dry skin
 3 - I have oily / seborrheic skin
 3 - my scalp itches
 2 - localized itching
 4 - itchy skin after a shower
 0 - I am not itchy my skin is normal
 3- I suffer from couperose
 3- every now and then or always I suffer from rashes or eczema

How is your stool?

 0- composed of a normal color and I go every day
 2- lighter than normal or darker than normal
 3- they are broken down, not very formed, or small stones
 5 - very liquid or often diarrhea
 2- I go to the bathroom every 2 days
 5- I go to the bathroom every 3-4 days or more

How is your sleep?

 3- I often wake up in a bad mood
 5 - I often wake up with a headache
 3-I am very sleepy after eating
 2- I wake up with a sticky mouth
 2 - I wake up with a bitter mouth
 0- I sleep like a god and wake up rested
 4- I suffer from nocturnal awakenings
 2- I wake up to drink
 5- I sweat a lot during the night
 3- in the morning I wake up tired

How much water do you drink per day?

 0- from one and a half liters upwards
 3- one liter
 4- half a liter
 5- less than half a liter

How is your language?

 4- generalized constant white patina
 3- sign of the lateral teeth on the tongue in the morning
 2- white patina at the bottom
 1- red dots on the tip of the tongue
 2- heavily cut or geographic map
 0- bright pink with a slight central patina

Do you suffer from headaches?

 May 0
 2- once a week
 4- twice a week or more
 1- during the cycle
 2 - when I eat badly
 1 - once a month

Do you suffer from joint or muscle pain?

 1- every now and then
 4- I often have widespread pains
 3- I have fixed pain
 0-no pain
 1- I suffer from cramps
 3- back pain in the lumbar area
 4 - right intercostal pain

From 0 to 25 points

Congratulations, your level of intoxication is low, you probably pay enough attention to your diet and enough physical activity or you are simply very young. However, I recommend that you restore the intestinal bacterial flora once a year using probiotics and possibly a light detox of the liver in the spring with plants such as dandelion, turmeric or artichoke. Furthermore, by re-observing the test, check where you have the highest values, so you will have a first indication to understand how to take care of yourself.

From a 25 45

Your level of intoxication is already high enough, if you have an unregulated diet I suggest you get help to restore it quickly, perhaps some food you introduce is not suitable for you, or you introduce too little water, it is also important to include in your life regular sporting activity and other good habits that allow you to help your body eliminate toxins more quickly. My advice is to start with small tricks and have a professional refer you to understand how to detoxify yourself correctly. I recommend not to act drastically on any organ, the body follows precise rhythms and timing you cannot clean it all at the same time.

From 45 upwards

Your body needs you! The attention to the food you introduce, your lifestyle and the quality of your thoughts and the attention to your breathing must improve rapidly. Probably your vital energy is very low, my advice is to find a specialist who can follow you step by step to restore your energy and thus improve your general health, probably starting from small changes some symptoms you suffer from will disappear easily in this way you will have more desire every day to take care of yourself. If you haven't done it until now, it doesn't mean you can do it from now on.

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