Detox diet after mid-August: tips and tricks to get back in shape

After the mid-August binges we may feel the need to get back in shape and purify our body a little. Here are 10 useful tips for shedding a few pounds.

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After the binge on August XNUMXth we may feel the need to get back into shape and to purify our body a little, which on holidays has probably been loaded a little too much with foods rich in fats and sugars. Here are 10 useful tips for drop a few pounds.

If you have exaggerated, do not worry! It will not be difficult to get back into shape by immediately returning to eating healthily and promoting detox with a few small tricks. If the weight gain is only 1 or 2 kilos it will not take great sacrifices to return to your usual weight and you will not even need to follow a proper diet.

It must also be considered that excesses, if they are only a matter of a few days, do not allow the accumulation of real fat. In fact, in most cases, these are liquids that can be easily eliminated.

Let's find out now some simple tips to get back in shape soon after August XNUMXth.


No more sweets

At least for a few days after the addictions it is good to avoid eating sweets of any kind to detoxify the body from sugar. If you can also eliminate it from coffee or tea, perhaps replacing it with some other natural sweetener.

Drink lots of water

Liquids help eliminate liquids. To deal with water retention, therefore, there is no better remedy than drinking lots of water. It goes without saying that carbonated drinks, packaged fruit juices are to be avoided (home-made fruit and vegetable extracts are welcome) and alcohol. The intake of liquids can be favored by also taking herbal teas, preferably with a deflating or detox power (see below) or flavored waters.

Limit the sale to a minimum

Salt is a condiment that we often abuse but that we should strongly limit if we care about our health. Using it too much not only exposes us more to cardiovascular risk but worsens an already present situation of water retention. We therefore try to replace it as much as possible with spices and aromatic herbs to make our dishes tastier.

Choose fresh and healthy foods

Eliminate refined and high-fat foods as much as possible by preferring a diet based on seasonal fruit and vegetables. 5 portions of these foods should be placed on the table every day, making sure to consume some raw in order to ensure maximum vitamins and minerals. However, we must also not forget to take the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates.

Don't skip meals

There are those who think (wrongly) that after a few days of binging you can lose weight faster by skipping meals. Obviously this is not the case. On the contrary, this wrong habit exposes us to the failure of our good intentions. There is a risk of having glycemic imbalances and of arriving too hungry for the next meal and therefore of overdoing food.

Water and lemon

As soon as you wake up you can start the day sipping water and lemon, waiting about half an hour before having breakfast. This is a simple remedy that offers several benefits including reactivating the metabolism and promoting weight loss.

herbal tea

There are herbal teas, perfect for promoting detox. These are drinks that can be enjoyed throughout the day or in the evening before going to sleep. If possible, avoid sweetening them.


Getting back into shape means not only eating well but also avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. So don't forget to play sports for at least 40 minutes a day.

Get enough sleep

Don't underestimate rest either. Getting enough sleep is just as important as eating right to regain your weight. Several researches have in fact shown that those who sleep little (less than five hours a night) have a greater risk of hormonal imbalances, of seeing their metabolism slow down and of feeling a greater need to eat.

Detox diet

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