Detox diet: 10 ways to purify the body while having fun

Find out how to increase motivation to follow a detox diet that helps cleanse us of the excesses of the holiday season

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Find out how to increase motivation to follow a detox diet that helps cleanse us of the excesses of the holiday season

In this periorum full of excesses at the table, do we feel the need to purify ourselves of toxins more? How to follow one detox diet without getting discouraged e having fun? Here are some useful tips to find the right motivations and be constant and with a high mood. It is good to remember not to improvise your detox program and to follow the advice of an expert, especially if you intend to spend a period of fasting.


As with all the goals we set ourselves to achieve in life, the starting point is the search for motivation, also as regards the purification of the organism. Why do we want to start purifying ourselves? Perhaps because we need to lose a few pounds, or because we want to recover lost energy in a natural way, improve our relationship with food, strengthen the immune system, or even identify any food intolerances. Searching for your main motivation helps you to do your best to reach the final goal. (Also Read: 10 Great Reasons Why We Should All Dance More Often)


The effects of Detox they can be very subjective and depend on the amount of accumulated toxins. In some cases, mood swings, headaches or joint discomfort may occur. Our body has to make a great effort to free itself from waste. We can help with hydration, which will facilitate the process and make us feel better in no time. Drink a lot water it helps to purify and improve the functioning of the kidneys, which will act by purifying the blood to the fullest. You can alternate the intake of plain water as soon as you wake up withwater and lemon. Even the herbal teas can be useful. Among the herbs that help purification we find dandelion and coriander.

Detox for two

Cleansing will be more fun if you can involve another person to follow the same path, for example the partner, a family member, a friend or a friend. Also in this case, in fact, Unity is strength and being two allows you to support each other in moments when you want to give up. Together it will be easier to set goals and achieve the desired success. (Read also: Detox: 10 tips to best detoxify yourself)

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself e pamper yourself is one of the keys to success on a detox diet. Rewarding yourself is good to celebrate the results achieved and to stimulate greater fortitude. It will make the experience more enjoyable and you will want to repeat it every season. Massage or get massaged, nourish your skin with sweet almond oil, scrub your body with a warm towel and indulge in yoga to relax. (Also Read: 5 Rules From Researchers To Be Really Happy Right Now)

Listen to your body

The detox periods can be very short or extend up to 7 or 14 days, depending on the type of treatment chosen. During the various stages of this experience, the body is looking for a new balance and of foods that can nourish and purify it at the same time. You can follow your body's preferences to choose the best foods in the program you have decided to follow.

Keep a diary

I will keep a diary during the detox period permette to focus on the objectives and to report i successes achieved in following their program. Filling a page or table with your own detox scheme will become a pleasant ritual at the beginning and at the end of the day. It allows you to collect the results already obtained and to focus on your emotions and on the steps to be taken the following day. Also read: Gratitude Journal: How and Why to Start Writing One

Raw fruits and vegetables

Scegliere raw fruits and vegetables not only is it important to purify the body, but it helps to make your dishes more cheerful. The richness of fibers in raw fruit and vegetables favors the purification of the organism and the elimination of toxins. The antioxidants and vitamins found in raw foods will give you a glowing appearance in no time. You will regain energy and feel better, especially if you do not forget to eat raw fruit and vegetables even after the purifying diet.

Slow down and breathe

Take advantage of the purification period to remind yourself of appreciate all the good little things in life. This will help you to reduce levels of stress. Breathe deeply, with your diaphragm, and focus right on the breath to clear your mind of any negative thoughts that may arise. Deep breathing calms the mind and helps the body get rid of toxins. You can also dedicate yourself to meditation, to find your calm and recharge.


Don't forget to spend some time in direct contact with nature. Immersing yourself in the green even for a short time is essential to feel full of energy. So remember to take a walk in the park at least twice a week and maybe spend time walking in the woods on the weekend. When we are stressed, our body tends to form free radicals, which can be considered real toxins. Nature helps us reduce stress and rid the body of unwanted waste. Read also: Living in contact with nature: 5 ways to be healthier and happier

Physical Activity

Exercising is essential to help the body cleanse itself. You will be facilitated if you choose the forms of physical activity that you enjoy the most, starting with gentle ride, from long walks, up to swimming or to travel in bicycle. Movement encourages sweating, one of the main mechanisms that allows our body to get rid of toxins. Physical activity also helps to burn fat, in which our body tends to accumulate toxins, promoting at the same time a better functioning of the lymphatic system for the expulsion of excess fluids. Better yet, choose to do yoga!

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