Depression: in winter it increases especially among women

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In the autumn-winter season, thanks to bad weather and low temperatures, cases of depression increase.

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Certainly there autumn season e the beginning of winter they are demanding periods both on a physical level (the first colds and flu appear) and on a psychological level, at least for those people who are particularly sensitive to changes and a little meteoropathic. That is why it is precisely at this time of the year that, thanks to a cold and often gray or foggy weather, cases of depression increase by 2-3% compared to the rest of the year, with a peak of 4 times greater in the fairer sex.

To explain this phenomenon and the symptoms it brings with it was him psychotherapist Giovanni Porta: “The winter blues. A real pathology that can cause anxiety, loss of energy, tendency to sleep more, social withdrawal, loss of interest, increased appetite, lack of hope, weight changes, difficulty concentrating ".

Naturally, the people who live in those areas where the presence of sun is less, the Scandinavian countries in the first place, are affected the most by the autumn-winter season on a mood level. By now we know how much it is daily and moderate exposure to sunlight is important to always keep a good mood high. It is therefore no coincidence that you feel more affected in the gray and cold periods, when it gets dark early, you are very covered and the long and sunny summer days are a thing of the past.

So here's what expert advice to prevent these bad sensations or deal with them if they have already occurred, it is precisely to "stay in the light, take advantage of the hottest hours to be outdoors and go for walks, if possible in the company of friends".

In more serious cases, however, it is always advisable to contact a psychotherapist.


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