Datterini tomato jam without refined sugar

Datterini tomato jam, the recipe for preparing a sweet preserve at home to enjoy tomatoes all year round.

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Datterini cherry tomato jam, prescription of a homemade preserves to be enjoyed with toasted bread or aged cheeses. A sweet and delicious way to preserve and enjoy tomatoes all year round.

The preparation of this tomato jam it's really very simple: just macerate the datterini tomatoes with brown sugar and then cook them gently until everything thickens. For the success of this home preparation it is advisable to sanitize the glass jars in advance, which we remember, must have new capsules; for more information it is advisable to read our tutorial on how to sterilize jars for homemade preserves.
The choice of tomatoes is another noteworthy aspect, these in fact must be strictly fresh and in season, possibly local and at zero km.

Once ready, the cherry tomato jam must be kept in the pantry, but after opening it will be placed in the refrigerator for a maximum of two / three days and, to avoid food waste, we urge you to use small jars in order to be able to consume it closely.


  • 500 gr of datterini tomatoes
  • 180 gr of brown sugar
  • 3 sanitized 15 cl jars
  • Preparation Time:
    1100 minutes
  • Cooking time:
    90 minutes
  • Rest time:
  • Dose:
    for 3 jars of 15 cl
  • difficulty:

How to prepare the cherry tomato jam: procedure

  • lavare the tomatoes carefully, cut them into small pieces, mix them in a large bowl together with the sugar and leave to macerate for a couple of hours, stirring occasionally,
  • put all in a thick-bottomed pot and cook over low heat, stirring occasionally for about ninety minutes,
  • the jam of datterini tomatoes will still be ready when, mixing it, it no longer spreads on the bottom of the pot,
  • cooking when finished, fill the previously sanitized jars with the jam,
  • close them screwing them with the capsules and proceed with the pasteurization.

How to preserve the cherry tomato jam:

The cherry tomato jam can be stored in the pantry away from sunlight; once opened it must be kept in the refrigerator and must be consumed within a couple of days.

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