Dark circles: the causes and 10 natural remedies to reduce them

Dark circles, natural remedies. Here are some possible causes of the presence of dark circles and the related natural remedies to mitigate the problem.

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Dark circles, causes and natural remedies. Le eye bags: this is a recurring problem to face, not only if it is late during the weekend or the evening before an important business appointment, but also because the presence of dark marks around the eyes and swelling it could be thereindicator of some problems that our body finds itself facing, without our knowledge.

Here are some possible causes of the presence of dark circles and related natural remedies to mitigate the problem.


Causes of dark circles

Thinning of the skin

The skin below the eyes is very thin and delicate. As the years go by, it tapers more and more, yielding visible blood vessels. This helps to highlight dark circles. It is a condition that can be aggravated by excessive exposure and lack of sun protection.


The presence of dark circles can in some cases be considered a sign of allergy, especially for those who suffer from sensitivity to dust, pollen and grasses. Dark circles can also be related to food allergy and aggravated by itching, burning in the eyes and the need to rub them.

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Water retention and dehydration

Due to the body's retention of liquids, the blood vessels in the area around the eyes can dilate, resulting in a more evident presence of dark circles. Water retention could be linked to heart, thyroid, kidney or liver problems, but also to the intake of some types of drugs that favor it. The presence of dark circles could also be due to dehydration, caused by poor water intake during the day.

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Genetics and insomnia

The presence of dark circles in the family can be predetermined by a genetic predisposition. Among family members, those with the lighter complexion they may have more obvious dark circles. Dark circles can also be caused by insomnia e poor rest, which can make the complexion paler and the capillaries below the eyes more noticeable.

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The presence of dark circles, accompanied by an evident pallor, could be due to anemia e iron deficiency, conditions for which it would be good to immediately investigate the causes, so as to be able to reach a solution in a short time, also thanks to some natural remedies considered effective.

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Natural remedies for dark circles


If dark circles are caused by capillary fragility, it could be a good remedy to enrich your diet with some foods rich in antioxidants, such as blackberries, blueberries, parsley, onions, legumes, and pomegranate. Among the drinks rich in antioxidants we find tea, with particular reference to green tea or black tea. However, excessive consumption of them could contribute to reducing theiron absorption by the body.

Vitamin C:

An additional nutritional element believed to be able to strengthen the capillaries is constituted by Vitamin C. To ensure a correct daily intake of this vitamin, it is good to enrich your diet with oranges and their juice, carrots, kiwi, lemon juice, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce.

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Tea bags

Le tea bags, once cold and after having been well squeezed, they can be applied under the eyes in such a way as to relieve swelling and the signs caused by fatigue, so as to make dark circles less evident. Extend the application of the sachets for at least a quarter of an hour during a moment of relaxation.

Cucumber juice and slices

The juice of cucumber, obtained using a centrifuge, or the cucumber slices themselves, can represent a useful remedy against occhini. The cucumber slices can be applied directly to closed eyes for a quarter of an hour - perhaps while doing a natural face mask. Cucumber juice can be used by soaking gauze or cotton handkerchiefs to be applied to closed eyes for the same amount of time.

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If the dark circles are due to lack of sleep, the only real remedy to resort to is to try to sleep more, remembering how, according to Ayurveda, it is important to fall asleep no later than 11, since it is in the early hours of the night that our body regenerates and recharges itself with energy, eliminating waste and promoting the birth of new cells. In case of insomnia, it is possible to resort to some natural remedies to try to deal with the problem.

Tomato juice

Another natural remedy considered effective to reduce the signs of dark circles is constituted by tomato juice, to be applied under the eyes with the help of a cotton cloth or a handkerchief. Tomato juice can help reduce any swelling and improve the tone of the skin below the eyes.

Cold tea

From cold green or black tea, to be applied to the affected areas with the help of a make-up sponge and left to act for a few minutes, it can help to reduce the presence of dark circles, bringing the color of the complexion below the eyes to a pleasant pink shade.


The presence of dark circles could be due, in addition to poor rest, to a persistent stressful situation. That is why it would be good to resort to some simple relaxation exercises at least once a day, such as deep breathinga.

Food balance

According to Chinese medicine, dark circles could be the sign of one energy imbalance in the kidneys. Here, therefore, it could be useful to solve the problem to take some foods suitable to rebalance the situation, among which we find walnuts, pistachios, raspberries, fennel and dill seeds.


A simple natural remedy for reduce bags and dark circles it consists of the application on the affected areas of thin slices of potatoes, whose application can be considered as a real pack, able to reduce both the swelling around the eyes and the dark marks due to fatigue.

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