Dangerous drugs: 93 drugs to exclude for better treatment according to the Prescribe report

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Here is the new black list of drugs for which the relationship between risk and benefit is unfavorable in all clinical situations.

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For the seventh consecutive year, the French NGO Presccare publishes a report on drugs to be eliminated for better treatment. A real review that identifies medicines that are more dangerous than useful

Many are convinced that, yes, relying on any type of drug is the prescription against all ills. Many times, however, you do not realize that, especially when you give yourself the last second do-it-yourself, that medicine can be more harmful than efficient. When, then, is it good to stay away from a drug?

In its seventh survey, Prescgere, an independent association that has been analyzing the benefit-risk balance of medicines on the market in the European Union since 2010, presents a updated list of those that should be avoided since the disadvantages outweigh the positive effects.

"To help choose quality care and avoid disproportionate harm to patients, we have updated the balance of drugs that we recommend excluding for better care," they write on the site.

In practice, the French association simultaneously assesses the risks and benefits of a drug in a given situation on the basis of a rigorous procedure: methodical and reproducible desk research, results based on efficacy criteria relevant to patients, priority of data based on their level of evidence, comparison with the reference treatment and consideration of adverse effects and their share of unknowns.

In addition, in addition to rejecting certain drugs, the report also indicates an alternative therapy, albeit pharmacological, to reduce unwanted effects or improve the effectiveness of the treatment itself.

In the latter report they have been reviewed 93 drugs more harmful than useful, whose risk-benefit ratio, that is, goes to the detriment of the patient in all the clinical situations for which they have been authorized.

Among the main medicines and active ingredients not recommended we find:

  • lo Zyban, the active ingredient of which is bupropione, an amphetamine that helps you quit smoking. According to the French report it would not be more effective than nicotine and indeed could lead to real neuropsychic disorders, severe allergic reactions, addiction and even congenital heart defects if the unborn child was exposed during pregnancy.
  • cough suppressants such as Muxol and other drugs whose active ingredient is ambroxol, and the Bisolvon (with bromhexine), in addition to mucolytics for cough or adjuvants for sore throat which have no demonstrated clinical efficacy beyond the placebo effect and show severe and sometimes life-threatening anaphylactic reactions, such as polymorphic erythema, Stevens-Johnson and Lyell syndrome
  • theoxomemazina (toplexil or other), an antihistamine that could have disproportionate adverse effects in the symptomatic treatment of cough
  • la folcodina (Biocalyptol or other), an opioid aimed at treating cough, which however poses a risk of sensitization to curare which is used under general anesthesia
  • il mannitol by inhalation (Bronchitol), for mucolytic purposes, contraindicated in case of cystic fibrosis and susceptible to exposing to bronchospasm and hemoptysis
  • decongestants oral and nasal (ephedrine, naphazoline, oxymetazoline, phenylephrine, pseudoephedrine and tuaminoheptane) are vasoconstrictive sympathomimetics, which expose to severe or even fatal cardiovascular disorders and ischemic colitis
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as oral dicloflenac (Voltaren), which French experts associate with increased cardiovascular risks, such as myocardial infarction and heart failure
  • ketoprofene in gel (gel Secretive), compared to other NSAIDs, exposes more to photosensitization and therefore can more easily cause eczema and skin rashes of various kinds

Here the complete report with all the methodology used

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