Dancing, singing, acting and all other forms of art improve health: the WHO confirms this

Dancing, singing, acting and all other forms of art improve health: the WHO confirms this

Dancing, singing, writing, acting are activities that are good for health, confirms the WHO, highlighting the importance of art in everyone's life.

Many people know from experience how much dancing, singing, writing, acting, creating are activities that produce a sense of well-being general, just try to notice! And now a report published by the WHO confirms this, highlighting that the emotional well-being aroused by these activities has positive implications also on the physical health.

The report examined the many thematic studies conducted over time, specifying that in the last two decades more and more investigations have dealt with this topic, and over 3.000 have shown that seeing and practicing art forms, such as dance, acting, dancing, writing help prevent disease and stay healthy throughout life, from childhood to old age, as reiterated by WHO Regional Director for Europe, Piroska Östlin:

"Bringing art into people's lives through activities such as dancing, singing, going to museums and concerts offers an additional factor in how we can improve physical and mental health."

The benefits of different art forms

As regards the benefits of the different arts, the report shows that the theater, for example, it facilitates responsible decision-making in adolescents in urban areas, improving their well-being and reducing exposure to violence. On the other hand the evening reading of a story to children, it helps them sleep longer and focus better at school.

Regarding health, the report highlights that listening to music and practicing artistic activities of various types reduce the side effects of cancer treatment, such as drowsiness, lack of appetite, respiratory failure and nausea.

Music, crafts and clowns they reduce anxiety, pain and blood pressure in both children and stressed parents.

La dance promotes motor functions in people with Parkinson's disease. The singing improves attention, episodic memory and the ability to perform.

Furthermore, according to the report, the arts in general help to involve minority or hard-to-reach groups and not surprisingly, more and more countries are trying to promote art also in the medical field so that doctors themselves direct their patients to carry out activities of this guy.

In short, the benefits of art on psycho-physical health are innumerable. All the more reason to visit museums, go dancing, paint, listen to music, read, write or act.

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