Custard: the original recipe and 9 variations (also vegan)

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Custard is perhaps the best known sweet cream of all pastry. We have collected for you a series of very interesting recipes to prepare custard at home according to the traditional recipe and in its many variations.


La custard it is perhaps the best known sweet cream of all pastry. We have collected for you a series of very interesting recipes to prepare at home custard according to traditional recipe and in its many variants.

Here are many useful tips to prepare the classic custard at home, the vegan version of custard o gluten free and with numerous variations regarding the additional ingredients that you can experiment with in combination with your desserts.


Classic custard

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La classic custard it is prepared with fresh egg yolks, sugar, flour, preferably whole milk and half a vanilla bean (it is better to choose natural vanilla instead of industrial vanillin). THU the recipe for making traditional custard.

Vegan custard

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You can prepare one vegan custard without cow's milk and without eggs in a very simple way. You will need sugar, potato starch, a pinch of turmeric, lemon zest, soy milk preferably vanilla flavored. THU the complete recipe.

Gluten-free custard

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The presence of gluten in traditional custard is due to the use of common soft wheat flour. To prepare the gluten-free custard you can choose a gluten-free flour, such as rice flour, or you can replace the flour with corn starch. THU the complete recipe.

Chocolate custard

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To make the custard even more delicious, you can add cocoa or chocolate to your recipe. This way you will get one chocolate custard suitable for filling and decorating cakes, pastries, croissants and tarts. THU the complete recipe.

Orange custard

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La orange custard is a variant of the classic custard, flavored with orange zest and juice. It is suitable for filling cakes and cream puffs. Choose organic oranges to get the zest to use in your orange custard. THU recipe.

Coffee custard

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La coffee custard is a variant of the classic custard that is suitable for filling pastries, cakes and pies of all kinds. You can also prepare it to be enjoyed as a delicious spoon dessert, to be decorated with chocolate coffee beans. THU the complete recipe.

Pistachio custard

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Custard al pistachio, have you ever thought about it? You can add flavor to your custard using pistachio paste, which you can buy or prepare at home by toasting and blending the pistachios. THU all the indications to follow.

Hazelnut custard

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A variant of the custard involves using toasted hazelnuts during preparation. To the classic recipe of the custard are added roasted and blended hazelnuts together with milk and sugar to obtain a creamy mixture. THU recipe.

Strawberry custard

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This variant of custard, suitable for filling any type of dessert, is simply prepared with milk, strawberries, potato starch and sugar. You can also experiment with the preparation with vegetable milk and with alternative sweeteners to sugar. THU recipe.

Almond custard

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The almond custard is a quick and easy dessert to prepare, suitable for making a cup with cream and biscuits. It will be an ideal dessert to serve as a dessert for parties and dinners with friends. THU the complete recipe.

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