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I am not very inclined to household chores, so much so that I go shopping and exchange courgettes for cucumbers and only notice it once they are clean. I may not, therefore, be a clever little man of the house, but I am certainly a curious one. Awakened by the goodness of raw cucumber, in fact, I went to see what the benefits of him could be ... and a world opened up to me.

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I am not very inclined to housework, so much so that I do the shopping and exchange zucchini with gods cucumbers and notice it only once they have been cleaned. I may not, therefore, be a clever little man of the house, but I am certainly a curious one. Aroused by the goodness of cucumber raw, in fact, I went to see which ones could be yours benefits ...and a world opened up to me.

Originally from Asia and you belong to the cucurbit family is the holder of a series of truly exceptional qualities. The first aspect is related to his slimming properties. Not everyone knows, perhaps, that cucumber containstartaric acid, an organic acid which, associated with any type of carbohydrate, works in such a way that it does not transform it into fat: instead of making it assimilate by your body, it eliminates it through the faeces. In short, totally blocks the transformation into fat and, for this reason, it is highly recommended for all those who want to lose weight without depriving themselves of a tasty and succulent plate of pasta.

Thanks to their silicon content, moreover, i cucumbers they can also contribute to relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The cucumber also plays a vital role in cellulite prevention and water retention. Did you understand female friends? Consuming cucumbers - especially - during the days of the menstrual cycle is an excellent ally for eliminate the classic swelling due to toxins which, being blocked by excess fluids, accumulate in the various parts of the body.

A fundamental aspect, however, to be able to take advantage of all these advantages is that of do not cook it: never, absolutely, forget it. All the benevolent effects of him, in fact, are dispensed only in his raw form. Ok, I understand you don't like it because of its bitter taste (which instead drives me crazy), soon said, here is the solution: you have to cut the two ends, take one and dip it in whole sea salt, done this you will have to rub it - with circular movements - on the end from which it was removed; a moderate amount of foam will form. Well, removing it will also disappear (and it's not magic) the substance that makes it bitter.

Not only by eating it, however, we can benefit from its qualities. By putting it on, in fact, we can make our skins more beautiful. All have as a stereotype the image of a person with two slices of cucumber on his eyes to limit and deflate the bags; very true, it works, but also try a beauty mask.

A cucumber-based treatment is able to guarantee excellent results in terms of care for damaged skin. The surprising fact is that our green friend it is effective on all skin types: oily, impure, cracked or dry, it makes no difference. Its properties are attributable to the fact of its composition, with 95% water and 5% divided between mineral salts, potassium, magnesium and calcium, making it a precious ally for face care.

Think if I had made the right choice and bought zucchini, I would never have gotten to know all this fantastic cucumber notions. It is appropriate to say: making mistakes you learn!

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