Cruelty free Easter: an alternative menu to save lambs

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Carlos Laforet Coll

For this Easter, let's save lambs and kids by avoiding eating their meat. Here are some vegan menu ideas

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Sacrifice yourself in the name of a tradition that sees them as victims of sumptuous meals organized to celebrate Easter celebrations. It's the 900 thousand lambs and kids that in this period, after being snatched from their mothers very small and transported en masse on trucks for long distances, without stopping, without food and water. Some die during the journey, others are brutally killed in slaughterhouses. It happens every year. But the alternative is there and that is to choose to do not eat their meat.

This "silent massacre that every year leaps forward in the periods of December, March and April, the key moments of religious holidays and anniversaries, with a production more present in the central-southern regions and especially in Sardinia", explains the Lav, it can in fact be avoided if you choose an alternative vegan menu. Like the one created by chef Giuseppe Capano and available for consultation, available on the website, with many ideas "for all tastes" to remind you that it is possible to celebrate Easter without living beings on the plate.

“Choose a power supply veg and bringing legumes, cereals, fresh seasonal vegetables to the table, is the best recipe to celebrate traditions, but also a preventive cure for our health and certainly a sure way to safeguard our planet, if we consider that 18% of CO2 emissions are due to farms “, he explains Paola Segurini, head of the Vegetarian Sector. That's why we say no to the massacre of the innocents.

Yet even this year one million young animals will be killed in a terrible way, bled to pieces and cut to pieces and their corpses will be sold at a high price, making those who buy it responsible for this slaughter and suffering. Of course, the speech is valid for every period of the year, but do not celebrate Easter by eating lambs and kidsi, do not become accomplices of a cruel and outdated tradition, which has no basis in religious prescriptions. By perpetuating this anachronistic custom, you will take the life of animals at an early age, still infants, of which perhaps not everyone knows the extreme sweetness, intelligence and vitality.

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