Cranberries: effective (also) against colorectal cancer

Colorectal Cancer: Chemicals Derived From Cranberry Extracts Could Selectively Kill Cancer Cells According To New Research

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Redberry against colorectal cancer. A quantity equal to one cup a day of these fruits, in fact, would allow us to keep us away from some types of cancer.

To say it are some researchers from the University of Massachusetts, who, in one study presented at the 250th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston, demonstrated how chemicals derived from own extracts of cranberries they could selectively kill cancer cells. And, in this way, a future of cranberry drugs is hypothesized.

Already known to prevent urinary tract infections and for theirs "fat-burning" properties, these berries known in Scandinavian countries as "lingonberries" and in the United Kingdom as "cowberries" would also have the ability to prevent colon cancer (the second cause of cancer death in the States).

Some research conducted in Massachusetts made it possible to discover that chemicals derived from blueberry extracts could selectively kill colon cancer cells in some laboratory tests. The amount used in the trials was practically equivalent to one cup a day of cranberries, but the researchers believe that the same amount may not be given in the form of fruit juice, in which case some substances contained in the peel are missing.

Once again, therefore, it is from food that almost all drugs for the prevention and treatment of several diseases could one day come. As for colorectal cancer, already theolive oil it had proved to be an excellent ally in the prevention of this type of cancer, even capable of stimulating a gene capable of suppressing cancer cells.

Germana Carillo

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