Covid-19: the blood group affects the infection and the severity of the disease. Confirmation in a new study

A new study confirms what has already been discovered previously: Covid-19 is more dangerous for those with certain blood types

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A new study, conducted in Canada, has once again examined the relationship between blood groups and greater or lesser strength of Covid-19. Also in this case the results show how the blood group can make the difference in the contagion and in the severity of the disease once contracted.

Un large study involving 225.556 people by a team from the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Toronto, adds evidence to what has already been hypothesized by previous research: people with type O or Rh negative blood are less at risk of contracting Covid-19 or in any case tend to contract it in form milder.

The scientists' goal was to determine whether ABO blood groups and Rh factor could be associated with a higher (or lower) risk of contracting SARS-CoV-2 infection and developing severe disease.

To understand this, the study, published in Annals of Internal Medicine, compared the data relating to a sample of people who between 2007 and 2019 had undergone blood tests to determine their own group and who then, in the earlier this year, they had performed the coronavirus swab.

According to the results obtained, those in group 0 have a 12% less chance of contracting the coronavirus, percentage rising to 21% if you have the negative Rh. In addition, the risk of severe Covid-19 or death was 13% lower than in people in groups A, AB or B.

1.328 of the more than 200 people tested were diagnosed with severe Covid-19 or had died. The odds were higher between blood groups AB and B and with Rh-positive.

Those with blood type 0 may have developed antibodies that can recognize aspects of the new virus, Joel Ray of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, co-author of the study, told Reuters:

"Our next study will specifically examine these antibodies and whether they can explain the protective effect"

The researchers are also keen to specify that:

“While we saw a statistically significant association between blood type and serious illness or death, it was also assumed that we had correctly identified a serious illness associated with Covid-19. Our composite result did not include venous thromboembolism, which is a well-described complication of Covid-19. It is also interesting that the phenotype and genotype of blood group O is associated with a reduced risk of venous thromboembolism, probably because members of group O have lower plasma levels ”.

It also remains to be determined whether this information could in any way influence the prevention or treatment strategies of Covid-19.

Fonti: CTV news / Reuters/ Annals of Internal Medicine

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