Cortisone: 5 natural alternatives

Cortisone is by no means a drug to be demonized, in some cases it is really a "life saver", in less serious situations, however, it can often be replaced with some natural alternatives. We present 5 of them

NATURAL ALTERNATIVES TO CORTISONE - Medicines al cortisone they are often used to treat different types of pathologies, in particular allergies, inflammation, joint problems, etc. Cortisone is by no means a drug to be demonized, in some cases it is really a "life saver", in less serious situations however you can often replace with some natural alternatives.

Whenever possible, better avoid cortisone that if on the one hand it gives a very quick answer to the problem we are hiring it for, on the other hand it is not exempt from side effects (especially if taken for long periods) such as swelling, increased blood pressure and blood sugar, irritability, weight changes, lowered immune defenses and more.

What can we replace it with (always after talking to your doctor)?

Here 5 natural alternatives to cortisone:


Ribes nigrum

Il cortison-like remedy certainly better known and appreciated is the ribes nigrum, or the blackcurrant particularly effective in the form of gemmotherapic (ie the one extracted from the buds of the plant). There are several studies that have proven its action similar to that of cortisone although certainly slower.

This plant is capable of reduce inflammation and modulate the immune response, especially in case of allergies. Depending on the disorder you want to deal with, it is necessary to undertake different treatments, if you want to obtain good results it is always better to rely on the opinion of an expert who will perhaps integrate the therapy based on currant nigrum with some other natural remedy.

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La curcumin is the most important active ingredient present in turmeric, a spice that we have already talked about many times because of its extraordinary properties. Studies on this active ingredient are more and more numerous day after day and confirm all the characteristics that are already known: powerful anti-inflammatory effects and even possible benefits in the fight against cancer.

The anti-inflammatory effectiveness of this substance proved to be very similar to that of drugs such as cortisone and phenylbutazone, especially in the acute phases of the diseases and obviously without side effects. To get some benefits, however, the dose to take is high, therefore, normal food intake is not enough. Therefore, even in this case, it is always better to ask for help from an expert.

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Cardiospermum Halicacabum

This climbing plant, belonging to the saponiferae family, is generally little known but it has already shown cortison-like effects since the 70s. Numerous studies have been carried out to evaluate its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic potential and the results have always been very encouraging. To have these properties are in particular the phytosterols contained in the flowering tops of the plant, which are used above all to make topical creams perfect for those suffering from skin sensitive to allergies and inflammation of various kinds such as eczema. Unlike cortisone, Cardiospermum Halicacabum can also be used for long periods as it is very well tolerated.


Il Ganoderma lucidum, or Reishi, is a mushroom typical of China and Japan, which for some years has been the focus of various scientific researches that have highlighted its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic potential, so much so that now it can be included in all respects among the natural alternatives to cortisone. In particular, its drug-like efficacy was already proven in the 90s by Professor Stavinoha, a pharmacologist at the University of Texas, who compared the effects of the mushroom with those of diclofenac. To get good results with Reishi it is necessary take it in the form of tablets, being careful to buy a quality product.

It is very important though also know how much to take, the doses vary according to the pathology to be treated. Given also the cost of this product which is not exactly for all budgets, the help of an expert is necessary who can advise the times and methods of therapy.

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Several researches have also shown the various beneficial properties of ginger, including that of being an effective anti-inflammatory. In particular, a study carried out at the University of Copenhagen wanted to compare yours efficacy against arthritis (both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis) comparing it to that of drugs such as ibuprofen and cortisone.

The results showed that ibuprofen is not useful in these cases while instead excellent benefits were obtained with both cortisone and ginger extract. It therefore seems that the active ingredients contained in this spice should also be taken into greater consideration as natural remedies for inflammation, also given the absence of side effects.

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