Coronavirus, writer Luis Sepúlveda hospitalized in Spain

    Coronavirus, writer Luis Sepúlveda hospitalized in Spain

    Chilean writer Luis Sepúlveda was hospitalized in Spain for coronavirus in a clinic in Asturias, he had just returned with his wife from Portugal.

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    He is also hospitalized for coronavirus in a clinic in Asturias the Chilean writer Luis Sepúlveda, who today boasts the sad title of being probably the first among the world "celebrities" to have contracted the Covid-19. His wife also infected, now the authorities are asking all his collaborators to stay at home and avoid social contacts.

    According to the law on Portuguese Diário de Notícias, the 70-year-old writer had returned a week ago from Póvoa da Varzim, Portugal, where he had taken part - with his wife the poet Carmen Yáñez - in the “Correntes d'Escritas” literary festival.

    Having landed in Spain, in Gijon, the city where he lives, Luis Sepúlveda would have started to experience symptoms similar to those of the flu: it was Tuesday 25 February. Only after two days did he and his wife contact a doctor.

    The situation worsened and Sepúlveda was admitted to the Central University Hospital of Asturias with a acute pneumonia. The 70-year-old tested positive for the coronavirus diagnostic test. The 66-year-old wife is also in the Oviedo hospital: her conditions are better, but both are in isolated rooms.

    Meanwhile, the Portuguese authorities are asking for clarification on the containment and prevention measures adopted in all the places where Luís Sepúlveda would have been during his stay in Portugal (from 18 to 23 February), starting from the Axis Vermar hotel where he was staying.

    At the moment, March 2, 2020, there are 87 confirmed coronavirus cases in Spain.

    Source: Diário de Notícias / El Pais

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