Coronavirus: The American CDC shows how to shave your beard to reduce the risks

An at first sight bizarre 2017 infographic explains which shave would allow masks to be more efficient.

Mustache, fly, sideburns, hipsters, goatees, an infinite number of ways to shave, but have you ever thought that the thick facial hair could make the use of a mask ineffective? If on the one hand the emergency of the new Coronavirus has caused sales, sometimes even useless, of masks all over the world to surge, on the other the question arises spontaneously: once purchased, are there any precautions to follow?

Of course yes and, beyond the classic recommendation that you must at least wash your hands before wearing them, a bizarre graphic from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (which by the way dates back to 2017) explains which shave would allow to the masks to be more efficient.

That's right, since the mask must adhere well to the face, there seem to be certain types of shaves that just aren't advisable. Facial hair would also pose a risk to the effectiveness of respirators because it can prevent the exhalation valve from functioning properly.

Regardless of the choice of beard and mustache style, moreover, also i hair must not pass through the respirator sealing surface.

The CDC infographic shows 36 facial hairstyles which fit a mask or respirator and which interfere with their effectiveness:


Only 12 styles would be appropriate for a mask:

  • a complete shave
  • the fly
  • the side whiskers
  • the hoe beard
  • the walrus mustache
  • and Buffy Chevron
  • i Painter’s Brush
  • the mustache to Zorro
  • i baffi habdlbar
  • in pencil,
  • a lampshade e
  • a stile Tootbrush (tipo Hitler)

Reiterating that, as underlined by the Ministry of Health, the mask is not necessary for the general population in the absence of respiratory disease symptoms, what is the best way to put it on and off?

Here are the recommendations of the Ministry:

  • Before putting on the face mask, wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol solution
  • cover your mouth and nose with the mask, making sure it fits snugly against your face
  • avoid touching the mask while wearing it, if you touch it, wash your hands
  • when it becomes wet, replace it with a new one and do not reuse it; in fact they are single-use masks
  • remove the mask by taking it from the elastic and do not touch the front of the mask
  • immediately throw it into a closed bag and wash your hands

Sources: CDC / Ministry of Health

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