Coronavirus: how the "low cost" robot that disinfects environments using ultraviolet light works

A new robot created in Argentina that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect environments and costs much less than similar devices in use today

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Un robot which replaces man by sanitizing and disinfecting environments contaminated with light and that it costs much less than to the "colleagues" in use so far. To provide this solution was an Argentine research team, which created UVR, a robot capable of decontaminating environments in a few minutes, without the use of chemicals and exploiting the potential of UV rays.

It looks like a weapon straight out of a science fiction movie, but it's not a Star Wars lightsaber and yet it can protect us from the coronavirus. There are several systems of this type but the last one comes from Argentina.

The idea is from Martín González, CEO of the UVR company, who once the pandemic began to study potential solutions related to the emergency. Thus was born this special robot, able to disinfect environments and fight the coronavirus using UV light.

How UVR works

Using a 3D laser scanner, UVR scans the entire room, calculates the time and location it should be in, and emits UV-C radiation to remove DNA and RNA from viruses and bacteria. Disinfecting the space can take between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on the size of the place.

“We use a certain amount of ultraviolet light to inactivate various microorganisms. The challenge was how to calculate it for the place to be disinfected. This has to be adapted to the space and illuminate all corners, ”explains Martín González, who is responsible for the mechanical part of the project.

Another advantage of the robot is that it can be operated from the remote control. In this way, in the event that it is necessary to disinfect a room in which a positive patient has been treated, no person will have to expose themselves to Covid-19, also avoiding potential human errors.

A low cost device compared to its peers

UVR has a considerable advantage. Compared to devices currently on the market whose cost is around 90-100 thousand euros, UVR can be purchased at a price ranging from 3 to 9 thousand euros.

The device is designed for use in hospitals, schools, banks, transportation, factories, offices, cinemas and many other public places.

To list the advantages is the same company according to which:

“Disinfection is quick and effective. The disinfected room can be accessed and used immediately after disinfection is complete. The disinfection process does not require chemicals. UV-C technology does not generate by-products or waste. The high flow rate of the UV-C method makes it possible to disinfect irradiated surfaces directly and indirectly ".

Here's how it works:

The same technology is already used in countries like China or Spain. These countries are considering the purchase given the competitive costs.

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