Coronavirus, discharged from hospital 20-day newborn in Spain

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The baby was born on March 12 in the hospital of San Pedro de Alcántara, when the state of alarm had not yet been decreed.

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He was born on March 12 in a hospital in the capital of Cáceres, in central-western Spain, and together with his mother, he tested positive for the coronavirus. Now, mother and baby are both in home isolation.

According to local newspapers, the baby was born on March 12 in the hospital of San Pedro de Alcántara, when the state of alarm had not yet been decreed. The infections had already begun but the situation in Extremadura was still calm.

Everything had gone well during the birth and in the following days, when neither the mother nor the child had presented symptoms of coronavirus, but, given the already existing pandemic, the Neonatal unit of the hospital had decided to keep them under observation to prevent possible infections. and act when first.

And they did well because, the results of the coronavirus test then gave positive results on the mother and, four days later, on March 24, the baby's parents observed mucus in the baby's nose. As part of the observation and prevention measures, the health authorities recommended going to the hospital for medical treatment. “It was decided to carry out the test: he tested positive too,” they add. The child remained in the hospital for four days and was then discharged "for improvement".

The contagion of the mother to the child, it is clarified in Hoy, another newspaper from Extremadura, did not occur through the placenta, but by close contact.

In short, both are fine and under observation. A case that emphasizes the fact that even children can be subject to infections, even if most of them are healthy carriers. Studies indicate that pregnant women do not automatically transmit the virus to children and in this case the preventive follow-up they conducted in the Spanish hospital is carried out on all women who have given birth since the onset of the coronavirus crisis and it is of a new protocol that the Neonatology unit has launched to detect possible positives as soon as possible and act accordingly. At the moment this child is the only infected infant in the Cáceres area.

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