Coronavirus could cause another 'epidemic' that we must avoid: depression

The post-coronavirus could cause another 'epidemic', according to psychologists, which we need to stem in time, depression.

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The coronavirus can be lethal from a physical point of view but not only, it could in fact cause a significant increase in depressions, an emergency that should not be underestimated.

As reported by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the WHO, in an article in the Psychiatric Times, stress and anxiety disorders can turn into a real “parallel” epidemic at this delicate moment. And a study by Samantha Brooks of King's College London, published in The Lancet, found that quarantine produces a number of negative mental health consequences, including trauma, confusion and anger.

On the other hand, in an article published in “The Conversation” by clinical psychologists at the Center for Social Connection Science at the University of Washington, it is emphasized that when it returns to normal, the number of depressions could increase.

This is because not all people are able to face such an uncertain moment with balance, especially if they are not inclined to manage stress. Uncertainty about the future, including the economic one, can in fact unduly destabilize us, making us feel vulnerable. And also unleash any obsessions of contamination, compulsions of cleaning and washing.

Furthermore, the consequences of this pandemic can further compromise the mental health of people who already suffered from anxiety and depression, also worsening the mood of those who have lost loved ones or their jobs.

In short, the post-coronavirus may not be so easy from an emotional point of view, triggering sadness, anger, grief, irritability, and consequently sleep problems, phobias, panic, mood disorders.

In the face of this risk, taking preventive measures becomes fundamental and it is important to rely, if necessary, on specialized psychologists. Both to learn how to manage daily stress, and to deal with every feeling by facilitating the emotional care of oneself.

That is why, according to psychologists, it would be important for every city to provide psychological support to anyone who suffers a coronavirus loss, and no less important are the support networks between friends, family and professionals to help each other both now and later.

FONTI: Psychiatric Times/The Lancet/The Conversation

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