Coronavirus antibodies found in breast milk: the Dutch study

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There are antibodies to the coronavirus in breast milk. A new confirmation comes from a Dutch study

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In breast milk there are antibodies against coronavirus. A new confirmation comes from a study conducted by researchers from the UMC university pediatric hospital in Amsterdam.

The hospital had started the milk collection in April and now the first promising results are coming. By examining the milk of some women who tested positive for the coronavirus, Dutch scientists from the Emma Children's Hospital Foundation found antibodies to the coronavirus.

Breast milk from recovered women as a preventive medicine against coronavirus? In Holland the study starts

The research team is now looking into whether the milk can be used for prevent infections from coronavirus especially in those most at risk, in the event of a second wave.

They also found that antibodies are not destroyed by pasteurizing milk, which is needed to make it usable by other people.

Attention moms of the Netherlands!? Researchers from Amsterdam UMC and the Support Emma Children's Hospital have discovered…

Posted by Amsterdam UMC on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

"We think that when we drink milk, the antibodies stick to the surface of our mucous membranes," said Hans van Goudoever, head of Emma Children's Hospital at UMC. "So they attack the virus particles before they enter the body."

The UMC has now launched a campaign to find 1.000 women willing to donate 100ml of breast milk for the research project.

"Women who may have had the coronavirus without realizing it may also have produced antibodies found in milk," added Van Goudoever. "So we are looking for mothers who may also have been infected."

How to participate

“We cannot continue with this investigation without your help,” reads the campaign page. “We are urgently looking for 1.000 women who want to donate 100ml of human milk to the breast milk bank. With donated milk we can investigate whether breast milk can be used to protect vulnerable groups. "

In fact, anyone who wants can contribute to research by donating 100 ml of breast milk to the Dutch bank but also by organizing a fundraiser or a donation.

Here all the information

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