Corns and calluses: 10 natural remedies

Corns and calluses, ten natural remedies. Calluses and calluses, here is an example of typical ailments affecting the soles of the feet. How to take care of it naturally? Some grandmother's remedies can certainly help us. However, the first attention must be paid to shoes. They may be too tight or have unsuitable soles.

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calli e calluses, here is an example of typical annoyances affecting the soles or fingers of piedi. How to take care of it naturally? Some grandmother's remedies they can certainly help us. The first foresight, however, must be addressed to shoes. Could be too tight or have unsuitable soles.

If corns and calluses recur often, try looking for a new pair of shoes with a softer, more comfortable interior. In the meantime, here are a few natural remedies che might be useful to you. After the compresses or foot baths, which will soften corns and calluses, you can gently rub the areas affected by the problem with the pumice stone.


Bread and vinegar

Everyday Roots suggests a grandmother's remedy for corns and calluses based on bread and vinegar. Dip one slice of bread in a bowl with wine vinegar or apples, until the crumb is well soaked. Use it for a compress to apply on corns and calluses. Bandaged with gauze and leave to act for a long time. Or apply a single piece of crumb and a light bandage to dull the pain as you walk.

Olive oil and lemon

In a glass, mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice e 2 spoons of olive oil. Gradually add del sodium bicarbonate and mix until it forms a creamy mixture. Apply to affected areas when needed, with a small band or a plaster. Lemon juice and oil soften hardened skin. Baking soda helps exfoliate the skin.

Essential oils

Among the essential oils suitable for the treatment of corns we find theessential oil of lavender andessential oil of geranium. They are suitable for application on already softened skin, after a hot bath or foot bath. Massage a few drops of essential oils on the affected areas. Then you can scrub gently using the pumice stone. You can also pour a few drops of essential oil directly into the foot bath.

Baking soda

soften the skin in case of corns and calluses dedicate yourself a bicarbonate foot bath. This treatment helps eliminate dead cells and facilitates healing. Pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda for the foot bath into a basin of hot water, or massage a mixture of 3 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of water on corns and calluses.


A very useful grandmother's remedy to soften the skin and to facilitate the healing of corns and calluses is the foot bath with chamomile. Prepare a normal chamomile infusion, let it cool and pour it into a bowl with hot water. It is also a useful remedy for excessive sweating of the feet.


THEcornstarch (o cornstarch) is useful both for preventing corns and calluses, and for relieving discomfort. You can apply it as if it were the talcum powder, on the soles of the feet and between the toes. Corn starch absorbs moisture and prevents cracking of the skin. You can create a fragrant starch by pouring the cornstarch into a glass jar along with a few drops of lavender or geranium essential oil.

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To dedicate a night treatment to corns and calluses, soak a cotton swab with vinegar and make it adhere to the area where the problem arises, with the help of a plaster. Leave it on overnight and rub the skin with the pumice stone in the morning.


If corns and calluses are accompanied by severe pain and swelling, apply a ice cube wrapped in a handkerchief, or small ice pack, for a pain relieving action which will help relieve discomfort.

Lemon juice

Create a spreadable mixture on the skin by mixing 1 or 2 teaspoons of XNUMX/XNUMX cup rice flour with a few drops of lemon juice freshly squeezed. Apply to the skin, wrap with gauze and leave on overnight for soften corns and calluses.


Here is a remedy always within everyone's reach to soften corns and calluses. It is about the municipality salt present in every kitchen. Pour two tablespoons of coarse salt into the hot water for the foot bath and let your feet soak for 15-20 minutes. Also the whole sea salt or Epsom Hall are suitable. When the skin has softened, you can rub it with pumice stone.

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