Conjunctivitis: 10 natural remedies

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Conjunctivitis is a disorder that affects the eyes causing redness, tearing and severe irritation. It can be caused by viruses and bacteria, accentuated by eye fatigue due to a long stay at the computer and represent a symptom of allergy or excessive exposure to smog. What to do in case of conjunctivitis? Here are some natural remedies that can help relieve discomfort.

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La conjunctivitis it is a disorder that affects eyes causing redness, tearing and severe irritation. It can be caused by viruses and bacteria. It is accentuated by eye strain due to a long stay at the computer.

It can also represent a symptom of allergy or excessive exposure to smog. What to do in case of conjunctivitis? Here are some natural remedies that can help relieve discomfort.


Tea bags

We had already told you about the numerous alternative uses and the beneficial properties of tea. Tea wraps can help with conjunctivitis. Keep aside two sachets that you will have used for the normal preparation of tea, let them cool and apply them on red eyes to find some relief.

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Chamomile compresses

Chamomile packs are one of the best known remedies to resort to in case of conjunctivitis and red eyes. After preparing the chamomile tea, keep the sachets, let them cool and squeeze them before applying them on the eyes. Or soak with chamomile infusion some clean cotton handkerchiefs and use them for compresses on the eyes to leave for a few minutes.

Witch Hazel

The witch hazel, together with thechamomile essential oil, is a valid natural remedy against conjunctivitis. You need to add a drop of chamomile essential oil to a tablespoon of witch hazel mother tincture (found in herbal medicine). The mixture must be mixed to 30 milliliters of rose water and left to rest for 6/7 hours. Then it is filtered through a gauze and applied to closed eyes like a compress.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic which can be used for both people and animals (not tested on them). One of our readers, eg, he successfully employed it to cure his little dog, who had one severe conjunctivitis. The treatment was done by applying colloidal silver like silver two or three times a day eyewash. On animals it can be used to fight infections caused by bacteria and parasites. It is also suitable for us, as it kills germs and strengthens the immune system without compromising the action of our body's enzymes.

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The lemon is not only a fruit with extraordinary properties, but a real one natural drug. It is suitable in case of conjunctivitis. Daniela, one of our readers, he suggested it to us, after having tried it himself. Lemon juice, in his opinion, is one of the most powerful and effective eye drops. The pain would only last a few seconds, to give room for a decongestant effect. Daniela used lemon juice against conjunctivitis in the amount of 1 drop per eye 2 or 3 times a day, solving the problem within a couple of days.

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Like chamomile, mallow is a medicinal plant fromcalming effect, suitable for eye spots in case of conjunctivitis. In herbal medicine you can buy mallow in sachets for the preparation of an infusion, following the instructions on the package. You can apply as a compress, on closed eyes, the sachets of mallow squeezed and left to cool or some tissues soaked in the lukewarm or cold infusion.

Cold water

Cold water is the most immediate remedy and within everyone's reach in case of conjunctivitis. Cold water packs are especially recommended for viral conjunctivitis, to relieve pain and itching. Viral conjunctivitis can be one of the consequences of a severe cold or flu. To avoid infection of the eyes by viruses when you are sick, avoid rubbing them with your fingers.

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Euphrasia is a herbal remedy suitable for relieving the symptoms of eye inflammation caused by conjunctivitis. It can be purchased in herbal medicine for the preparation of an infusion that must be filtered and used cold for the preparation of soothing compresses to be applied to the eyes. Euphrasia is also used in the form of homeopathic remedy.


THEacupuncture it is indicated as a useful remedy to resort to in case of light conjunctivitis or due to allergies. Acupuncture has aanti-inflammatory action and local pain reliever, which can be effective in relieving pain and redness. It is necessary to rely on an expert to undergo the most suitable treatment.

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Chinese medicine

Especially in the case of conjunctivitis caused by allergies, Chinese medicine suggests intervening in the treatment of the disorder through greater treatment of thesupply. It may be useful avoid red meats, shellfish, spices, coffee and too fatty and seasoned foods. Among recommended foods we find barley, zucchini, melon, celery, broccoli, carrots, seaweed, persimmon, watermelon, cabbage and chicory.

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