Coconut flour: 10 easy and delicious recipes

Coconut flour is a very versatile ingredient for making cakes and biscuits. Being sweet in itself, it reduces the sugar content present in the recipes. It is also naturally gluten-free and goes very well with almond flour in gluten-free dessert recipes.

La coconut flour it is a very versatile ingredient for the preparation of cakes and biscuits. Being sweet in itself, it reduces the sugar content present in the recipes. It is also naturally gluten-free and goes very well with almond flour in gluten-free dessert recipes. If you have a package of coconut flour at home that you don't know how to use, here are a number of ideas you could experiment with for making coconut pralines, cakes and biscuits. You will find variations of gluten-free or vegan desserts in addition to classic recipes. Take a cue from this collection of recipes with coconut flour.


Coconut and dark chocolate pralines

Here are some quick and easy desserts to prepare, also suitable for those who are vegan. These pralines with coconut flour and dark chocolate contain neither eggs nor dairy products. They are a delicious little dessert to serve to friends, perhaps with a cup of tea. THU recipe.

Coconut flour and date muffins

The recipes to prepare i muffin there are so many. These coconut flour and date muffins can be paired with a cup of tea and for a truly healthy snack. THU recipe.

Cookies with chocolate chips and coconut flour

These cookies are without refined sugar among the ingredients provided and gluten free. Instead of the classic flours we find coconut flour and almond flour. To fill the biscuits, choose extra dark chocolate. THU the recipe to follow to prepare these very special cookies.

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Coconut biscuits without butter and eggs

You will get some great ones coconut biscuits even without using butter and eggs. You can enrich them with coconut flour and rice milk, combined with soft wheat flour or spelled flour. They will be excellent for both a snack and breakfast. THU the complete recipe.

Homemade coconut and chocolate bars

There are so many sweets that you can prepare with coconut flour. For these, Here you will also need extra dark chocolate, butter, fresh cream and brown sugar. THU recipe.

Coconut pastries

Here's how to make fantastic ones coconut pastries, of the single-portion sweets perfect to accompany the afternoon tea or to be served to a birthday party. Easy to make, they will keep soft for at least two or three days. Here you will find the complete recipe.

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Coconut plumcake without butter

If you are looking for an easy recipe to prepare this is the recipe for you. The coconut plumcake without butter it is also prepared with not very refined ingredients, the caloric intake is therefore reduced, but its flavor is nevertheless at the highest levels. Here the recipe.

Light coconut and lemon biscuits [vegan recipe]

Light coconut and lemon biscuits: a light and completely vegetable recipe to prepare desserts with a fresh and delicate taste. Delicious and low in calories, these biscuits, which are still crumbly and greedy, are perfect to accompany afternoon tea and excellent to be served at the end of a meal with coffee. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Coconut pralines like Raffaello

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You may be wondering if there is a homemade alternative to the famous At Coconut biscuits filled with vanilla cream. You can try to prepare coconut pralines at home starting from the flour itself with a few simple ingredients. THU all instructions.

Pralines with quinoa, pistachios and coconut flour

You want to prepare some vegan cakes with coconut flour? Here is the recipe for you. To make these pralines you will need coconut flour, quinoa and pistachios. You will also need brown sugar or agave syrup. The recipe also includes mango but you can try replacing it with peaches. THU all instructions.

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