Climate crisis, scientists alarm: it is record hot on both poles, in Antarctica 40 degrees above average

Surprising heat waves on both poles of the Earth are alarming scientists who warn: These "unprecedented" events could lead to a more rapid and sudden collapse of the climate

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Both poles of the Earth are experiencing simultaneous extreme heat events: temperatures in Antarctica hit record highs over the weekend, even 40 ° C above average in some places. At the same time, weather stations near the Arctic also showed signs of melting, with some temperatures 30 ° C above normal.

The danger is twofold: the heatwaves at the poles are a strong signal of the damage humanity is causing to the climate, and melting could also trigger further cascading changes that will accelerate climate breakdown.

As polar sea ice melts, particularly in the Arctic, it reveals a dark sea that absorbs more heat than reflective ice, further warming the planet. Much of the Antarctic ice covers the mainland, and its melting raises sea levels.

Temperatures in Antarctica broke the previous record of March 18, when the Concordia weather station recorded -12,2 ° C, about 40 degrees warmer than average. Meanwhile, the Vostok Weather Station has risen above -17,7 ° C, breaking the all-time record of around 15 ° C. Another coastal station, Terra Nova Base, saw temperatures well above freezing at 7 ° C.

And not only that: in recent days Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3s), implemented by the European Center for Medium-Term Meteorological Forecasts on behalf of the European Commission, reported that Europe had a warmer than average winter and February and the daily extent of sea ice around Antarctica reached its lowest ever recorded during the month of February.

The winter period for all of Europe was almost 1 degree Celsius warmer than the 1991-2020 average. Daily sea ice extent around Antarctica has reached its lowest ever recorded value.

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Fonte: The Guardian / Concordia / Copernicus

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