Cleanse the liver: 10 natural remedies

Cleanse the liver: 10 natural remedies

The liver is a fundamental organ for the proper functioning of the whole organism. Purifying the liver improves digestive functions and the regular functioning of the intestine. It allows to improve the assimilation of nutrients present in food and to strengthen the immune defenses.

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Il liver it is a fundamental organ for the correct functioning of the whole organism. Purifying the liver improves digestive functions and the regular functioning of the intestine. It allows to improve the assimilation of nutrients present in food and to enhance the immunitary defense.

If the liver is functioning well, all digestion proceeds smoothly and the body is best able to rid itself of toxins and unwanted substances.

There are numerous natural remedies to help the liver purification and to start a real program Detox dedicated to the whole organism.

We give you some ideas with the recommendation to consult your doctor and herbalist to get more information on the subject.


Water and lemon

Drink a glass of hot water and lemon in the morning it is considered a natural remedy useful for purifying the liver. Furthermore, this remedy helps intestinal regularity and the expulsion of toxins through the faeces. Warm or hot water serves to counteract any astringent effect of the lemon.

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Il dandelion is used as herbal remedy for liver purification. It belongs to the bitter and wild herbs considered useful for promoting the proper functioning of this organ. Dandelion is used for the preparation of herbal teas, in the form of infusions or decoctions. For the methods of preparing and taking dandelion-based remedies for the liver, you can consult your trusted herbalist. With dandelion flowers you can prepare a purifying elixir.

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Bach Flowers

The Bach flower named Crab Apple is considered useful for the purification of the liver and of the whole organism in general. This Bach flower emotionally is recommended to people who are ashamed of their physical appearance and who risk considering themselves "toxic". Crab Apple is recommended for those who want to start a detox period.

Milk thistle

Il milk thistle, like dandelion, is among the natural remedies that support liver function. In herbal medicine, milk thistle is used for the preparation of a fluid concentrate with purifying properties and useful for the physiological function of the liver. This preparation exploits the properties of the substances contained in the fruits of milk thistle, such as silymarin.

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Barley grass

THEbarley grass it is considered a real cure-all for detoxifying the body through liver purification. It is a mine of chlorophyll, which has a recognized detoxifying, antibacterial, immunostimulating and alkalizing power. Powdered barley grass, useful for preparing a purifying and remineralizing drink, can be found in herbalist's shops and organic food stores.

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Carrot juice

Il carrot juice (or cold-obtained carrot extract) is considered useful for purify the liver. Rosemary-scented carrot juice stimulates the functionality of this organ. So you could try to combine carrots with a few needles of rosemary for the preparation of your fresh juices and homemade extracts.

Burdock decoction

Burdock is used for preparation of decoctions useful for liver purification. Burdock is purifying, hypoglycemic and helps keep cholesterol under control. Burdock roots are used to prepare a purifying decoction for the liver. The advice is to use 1 tablespoon of burdock in 300 ml of water to prepare a decoction for two people. THU all instructions.

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Artichoke extract

THEartichoke extract it is used in herbal medicine to help purify the liver, especially in case of digestive difficulties, hypercholesterolemia and fatty liver. The hydroalcoholic extract, or mother tincture, is used to preserve and make the best use of the properties of plants. The use of hydroalcoholic extracts such as those of artichoke is recommended in case of acute ailments, to obtain good results in a short time.

Birch sap

La birch sap it is an ancient seasonal remedy used especially in spring to purify the body after winter, a period of the year when we tend to consume heavier foods and digestion can be fatigued, with repercussions on the liver. The advice is to take half a tablespoon to two tablespoons of birch sap every morning on an empty stomach for three weeks as a natural purifying remedy. THU all the info.

Aloe Vera juice

Il Aloe Vera juice it is used for the preparation of purifying drinks designed to promote the regularity of intestinal transit, improve digestive function and liver function. Aloe Vera juice, accompanied by a light diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, can therefore be part of a detox program that will benefit the whole body.

You know others natural remedies useful for purifying the liver?

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