Cleaning the tongue: 10 reasons to practice it consistently

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Not everyone knows the daily importance of tongue cleaning. A film of toxins can form on the tongue

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Not everyone knows the daily importance of tongue cleaning. A film of toxins and residues can form on the tongue that should be eliminated to ensure that the substances that the body is trying to expel do not re-enter the body.

That's why every morning it would be good to clean your tongue with a small stainless steel (or copper) tool called a tongue cleaner. The nettalingua it is very effective for the elimination of toxins. It is not simply one beneficial cleansing for the tongue and oral cavity. The whole organism will benefit from it. That's why practicing tongue cleaning consistently.


Counteract bad breath

You may never have thought about it, but your problem is bad breath it could be linked to an incorrect cleaning of the tongue. The good news is that any coating on the tongue can be easily removed thanks to the tongue cleaner, which you should use every morning for a few seconds to remove bacteria and dead cells.

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Detoxify the body

Did you know that cleaning the tongue is part of the techniques suggested by the Yoga and by 'Ayurveda to purify the body of toxins? The suggestion is to start the good habit of using the tongue cleaner every morning. Removing the film on your tongue before brushing your teeth, having breakfast and starting the day allows the toxins that your body is trying to eliminate from getting back into your circulation.

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Remove the film on the tongue

You may have noticed that one will form on your tongue from time to time whitish patina. On some days the tongue appears clean, while on others the patina appears. The formation of this patina can have different causes but it is usually a completely normal phenomenon. Toxins, bacteria, fungi and food residues accumulate on the tongue and we can help our body eliminate them thanks to constant cleaning of the tongue. We can use the tongue cleaner even once a day.

Better taste the food

Removing the film on the tongue will make it easier for the taste buds to come into contact with food. In this way we will feel their flavor more clearly. Ayurveda teaches and the better we savor and enjoy our foods, the better we digest and assimilate them. And this leads to greater health of both the digestive system and the body in general.

Protect teeth and gums

By removing bacteria and toxins that accumulate on the surface of the tongue, we also achieve better dental health. In particular we help your teeth and gums and stay healthy. The bacteria that accumulate on the tongue can in fact be responsible for the accumulation of plaque, tooth decay and gum problems.

Massage the internal organs

Did you know that language can be considered one internal organ health mapthe? That's why doctors often ask patients to show their tongues to make a diagnosis. By observing the tongue, thanks to its constant cleaning, you can learn a lot about what is happening in our organism. With the tongue cleaner, if desired, the points corresponding to the internal organs can be stimulated and massaged, as in acupuncture. Did you know? Warning: the tongue cleaner must always be used with the utmost delicacy.

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Support the immune system

You may not have known about it, but the language is one of the first immunitary defense of our body, together with the secretions present in our mouth, which already contain substances that protect us from attacks by germs and bacteria. Cleaning the tongue not only ensures that toxins are not reabsorbed by the body but also improves immune functions starting from the mouth.

Facilitate digestion

Of course, our language plays an important role in the functions of our digestive system. In Ayurveda one proper digestion è considered the basis for health. Digestion starts right from the mouth, thanks to salivary enzymes that initiate the transformation of what we eat so that useful nutrients can then be absorbed by the body. Cleaning the tongue activates the production of saliva and stimulates “agni”, ours digestive fire, to aid digestion throughout the day.

Prevent sinusitis

According to Ayurveda, problems like the sinusitis can be linked to a bad tongue hygiene. If the nose is blocked by an accumulation of mucus, the air struggles to pass through the nasal canals and so bacteria tend to accumulate both between the nostrils and in the oral cavity. To prevent sinusitis, Ayurveda suggests cleaning the tongue with the tongue cleaner and cleaning the nasal cavities with water and salt thanks to the lota.

Purify body and mind

In Yoga the cleansing of the tongue is part of the purification techniques calls craft, among which we also find the bowel cleansing and cleaning of the nasal canals with the lotus, which we had already told you about. These purification techniques are beneficial for both body and mind as they strengthen them thus preparing the spiritual aspirant to reach his goal.

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