Chronic fatigue syndrome: what it is and how to cure it

    Chronic fatigue syndrome: what it is and how to cure it

    Prolonged, persistent and debilitating fatigue: chronic fatigue knocks out but with some natural remedy it can be mitigated while waiting for it to pass completely

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    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You have a hard time taking just one step, the sonno it is never enough, to make you a shampoo needless to talk about it. The problem is, you're not just tired and your physique is telling you. That, fatigue, is a completely natural, spontaneous and physiological thing.

    La chronic fatigue (Chronic Fatige Syndrome, or CFS), on the other hand, is something that goes far beyond, it is one prolonged fatigue, which seems to last indefinitely and therefore weakens. It is usually adults between 20 and 40 years of age who suffer from it, especially women women, and all complain of inhuman fatigue which, needless to say, affects physical activity, intellectual life and personal relationships.

    SYMPTOMS - CFS implies a general weakness that does not pass even with a sleep and that has specific symptoms: it lasts at least 6 months, implies memory and concentration difficulties, pain in the lymph nodes, muscle and joint pain and headache.

    Furthermore, the sleep, generally cellular repairer and regenerating body and mind, he can't really do anything against this devastating weariness, exacerbated by the smallest efforts or mild exercise. The quality of life of those who suffer from it obviously suffers greatly: fatigue significantly reduces performance in work or study and in personal relationships and the depressive state is just around the corner.

    HOW TO DIAGNOSTIC - We go by exclusion and the differential diagnosis is made once pathologies such as malignant tumors, kidney and liver diseases, autoimmune diseases, hormonal defects and depression have been excluded, a diagnosis of CFS can be made if at least four of the related symptoms are present for at least 6 months.

    The causes? They are still unknown, but it seems certain that about half of the patients recover within five years from the onset of the initial symptoms of the disease and from the diagnosis, but often this syndrome presents, alas, a cyclic course.

    HOW TO HELP - Obvious, painkillers e immunomodulators they are around the corner, as well as too supplements for the immune system. But before taking them think about it and, above all, talk about it with a doctor.

    On the other hand, there are an infinite series of natural remedies to defeat the various forms of fatigue. To the delight of gourmands, a piece of dark chocolate it seems to be a cure-all for the forms of CFS, at least not for the more acute ones. A study by the English University of Hull has in fact shown that the bitter cocoa contained in the food of the gods, rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, would reduce asthenia and improve the mood of CFS patients, but we are talking about about 15-20 grams per day.

    Banksia Robur also seems to be miraculous, an Australian plant that awakens vitality, helps to calm the sensation of stress and promotes a good mood and the desire to do things, and beetroot, which would work as a real natural doping.

    In any case, take a moment to rest and dedicate some time if you lead a stressful and strenuous life physically and mentally. Maybe it's just a case of pulling the brake for a moment and slowing down!

    Germana Carillo

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