Christmas: the modular vegan menu for lunch and dinner

Christmas is upon us, will you celebrate with the Christmas Eve dinner or with the lunch on December 25th? Maybe you have been thinking for a few days about the Christmas menu to bring to the table, because you would like to change it from the usual one or because you will have vegetarian or vegan guests.

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Il Christmas is upon us, will you celebrate with the Christmas Eve dinner or with the lunch of December 25th? Maybe you've been thinking about the Christmas menu to bring to the table, because you would like to change it from the usual or because you will have guests Vegetarians o vegan.

Or maybe this is your first vegan Christmas, you are still experimenting in the kitchen and you don't know what those who will celebrate with you might like. Here then we propose a modular vegan menu. You will choose what to bring to the table as an appetizer, first course, second course and dessert for the Christmas Eve dinner or for Christmas lunch.

This Christmas menu it is for everyone, even for those who are not vegan. Each of you will be able to vary it and compose it according to your tastes and your food and life choices. Maybe it will be an opportunity to cook and taste something new and to get closer to new flavors.

Here is ours modular vegan menu for Christmas.



Lentil and amaranth pie

Lentils and amaranth are the main ingredients of this pie that you can divide into cubes and serve warm as an appetizer, perhaps together with a salad of red cabbage or radicchio.

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Chickpea hummus

The chickpea hummus is an appetizer that is always very popular with everyone. You can spread it directly on toasted bread, perhaps combining it with walnut kernels. Or you can serve it in small bowls to accompany raw vegetables sliced ​​into sticks.

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Russian salad with vegan mayonnaise

The preparation of the Russian salad in the vegan version does not change, except for the mayonnaise. You will need to boil or steam diced potatoes and carrots, along with the peas. Then just season with a mayonnaise prepared with almond or soy milk and extra virgin or corn oil (more delicate taste).

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Spelled salad with grapes and pomegranate

A spelled salad to be served warm or cold as an appetizer. After boiling the spelled, you can dress it with grapes, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, orange or lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

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Battered vegetables

You can prepare your vegetables with a thick water-based batter e chickpea flour or wheat flour, to which add a pinch of salt, pepper and turmeric. Some people prefer to use beer or sparkling water for the batter, which will be more swollen.

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Vegan lasagna

Lasagna lends itself to numerous variations. You can prepare them with homemade béchamel based on vegetable milk and season them with tomato sauce, mushrooms, pumpkin, radicchio, red cabbage and other vegetables according to your tastes.

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Vegan cannelloni

From those of durum wheat semolina, which are easily found in the supermarket, you can serve numerous variations of vegan cannelloni, to be prepared with your homemade bechamel, with mushrooms, ground seitan, cabbage or your favorite vegetables.

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Vegan mashed pasta

You can prepare your messy pasta in numerous variations, for example with tomato sauce and lentil balls, with vegetable ragout and homemade bechamel, with mushrooms and vegetable cream, or with rocket pesto and green leafy vegetables.

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Pumpkin and mushroom risotto

Un pumpkin and mushroom risotto to bring to the Christmas table that everyone will really like. For those who do not want to give up the classic risotto, to make it vegan and even lighter, just use extra virgin olive oil and vegetable broth to replace butter and meat broth.

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Winter quinoa

Combine your quinoa-based first courses with seasonal ingredients: you can choose between mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, turnip greens, pomegranate grains and mushrooms. Add dried fruit, such as hazelnuts, to give an extra touch of crunchiness.

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Seitan and broccoli skewers

To compose yours skewers alternate diced seitan already sauteed and seasoned in a pan with herbs and spices and broccoli florets, or Brussels sprouts, or other vegetables of your choice. You can finish cooking the skewers in the oven or on the grill.

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Baked tofu medallions

Here is the recipe to prepare delicious baked tofu medallions to be enriched with seasonal vegetables, for example with chopped white cabbage leaves. Season with the spices and form the mixture well with breadcrumbs and chickpea flour.

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Indian lentils

You can prepare Indian lentils to serve as a side dish, for example a second course based on seitan, to create a dish rich in proteins. Enrich yours Indian lentils with herbs and spices: turmeric, ginger, curry, coriander.

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Chickpea and potato burger

Preparing chickpea burgers is super easy. For about 6-8 vegetable burgers mix 300 gr of boiled and crushed chickpeas to purée them with a boiled and mashed potato. Mix everything by hand or with the food processor. Combine herbs and spices, such as oregano, ginger and rosemary, salt and pepper. Add chickpea flour or breadcrumbs until you reach a well-workable dough with which to form burgers or meatballs to be cooked in the oven or in a pan until golden brown.

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Polenta croutons with mushrooms

prepare polenta croutons in the vegan version it is very simple. Just cook the polenta in water and salt as in the traditional recipe. Let it cool in a pan, form the croutons and then put them back in the oven or pan. Meanwhile, prepare a mushroom-based dressing.

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Vegan panettone

You can prepare your vegan panettone at home with sourdough, choosing to enrich it with raisins, candied fruit or chocolate chips, according to your tastes. The leavening takes a long time, so plan ahead.

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Vegan Pandoro

Haven't found a vegan pandoro at the supermarket or organic shop? If you want, you can try making it at home. If you don't have a pandoro mold, use a panettone mold or choose a cake pan with high sides.

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Vegan nougat

Vegan Iltorrone is prepared without honey, with cane sugar or alternatively with corn or rice malt. You will also need shelled hazelnuts, shelled almonds and extra virgin olive oil.

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Panforte vegan

Panforte is a dessert made from dried fruit and nuts that is traditionally prepared for Christmas and other holidays. We have chosen panforte as a Christmas recipe to offer you because it is simple to prepare, as well as really tasty. The vegan panforte is without honey.

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Ginger biscuits

Flour, sunflower oil, brown sugar, cinnamon, minced ginger and vegetable milk are the ingredients you will need to prepare your ginger biscuits, also excellent as gifts.

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