Chocolate: recalled by ethylene oxide this powder preparation

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The Ministry of Health has recalled a batch of a powder preparation for dark chocolate from the shelves due to possible ethylene oxide contamination

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Hot chocolate is very popular with adults and children, especially in the winter months. But sometimes the ready-made mixtures that are on the market can be contaminated with dangerous substances such asethylene oxide, gaseous disinfectant considered toxic and carcinogenic. Just recently, the Ministry of Health announced the recall from supermarket shelves of a powdered preparation for dark chocolate due to the possible presence of ethylene oxide in carob flour seeds (an ingredient used as a thickener in many food products).

The product in question is under the Naturera Polot brand and is sold in packs of one kilo. Here is the sheet with the lot and the details of the preparation that is the subject of the recall:

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If by any chance you have purchased it, do not consume the product and return it as soon as possible to the point of sale for a refund.

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Source: Ministry of Health 

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