Chocolate makes you lose weight: the news we've all been waiting for!

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Chocolate does not make you fat, on the contrary it makes you lose weight! This is confirmed by a research carried out on 1500 adolescents by the University of Granada ...

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Chocolate lovers, good news for you! If until today you have feared of gaining weight by eating a few more squares of chocolate, now you can feel much more relaxed. In fact, it seems that exactly the opposite is true: not only does chocolate not make you fat but instead helps you lose weight!

The good news that so many of us have been waiting for comes from the University of Granada and has been published in Nutrition magazine. This is a further confirmation of a previous research on chocolate carried out by the University of California in San Diego, which reached the same conclusion.

This time the scientists, who analyzed the data relating to 1500 adolescents from 6 different European countries, noted that those who consumed more chocolate, regardless of the physical activity they practiced and the type of diet they followed, had less fat in different parts of the body. and in particular on the abdominal area.

To discover this fat-burning gift of chocolate, various parameters were evaluated including the size of the waistlines of the boys who participated in the research and body mass index (BMI). But how is it possible that such a caloric food can even be "slimming"? Researchers attribute this potential to the presence of catechins, antioxidants particularly beneficial for our body and more specifically for the body's metabolism.

Once you know this, however, do not get caught up in easy enthusiasm, as the main author of the study, Magdalena Cuenca-García, stressed: “In small quantities, chocolate can be good. But, without a doubt, excessive consumption is harmful “.


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