Chilli: in summer a perfect ally against overweight, pain and stress

    Chilli: in summer a perfect ally against overweight, pain and stress

    Chili pepper. A spice that is also very good in summer! It keeps appetite at bay, reduces pain, and if grown it can become a fun and inexpensive stress reliever

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    Not only eat hot peppers in the summer it's good for you, but it's also a good idea to grow it and keep it fresh at all times, available in the garden or on the balcony. This spice can help you lose weight, Having a pain relieving effect e relieve stress. To say it various scientific researches.

    With the heat it is thought that it is better to avoid chilli because of its spiciness, in reality it is precisely in this season that the aphrodisiac spice par excellence seems to be an ideal ally in particular for those who are worried about the swimsuit fitting and want to lose a few pounds. Research from Purdue University in Indianapolis supports this: eating hot peppers helps to keep appetite at bay, thus avoiding overeating with food. In addition, this spice is also useful for relieve heartburn and dyspepsia as a study published in Alimentary Pharmacolology and Therapeutics claims.

    As for his pain-relieving qualities, various studies (including a very recent one carried out in California) have highlighted the potential in this sense of the capsaicin, active ingredient contained in chillies, responsible among other things for the characteristic spicy flavor of this spice.

    Grow one or more pepper seedlings in your own garden or on the balcony, it can be considered instead a real anti-stress. Taking care and growing this spice is very simple since it does not require great care, having it always available means being able to use it as needed whenever you want to make some "hot" dish. In addition, some species of chilli can also be particularly decorative for your outdoor spaces, for example the Cayambe with its characteristic elongated shape, the very flattened Rocotiglio or the Peter Pepper, whose shape resembles that of a penis!

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