Chewing with conscience: biodegradable chewing gum

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From London comes news that will delight those who consume with attention. From this month, in the various supermarkets, it will be possible to buy the first biodegradable chewing-gum.

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The news is communicated to us byAgi and informs us that the manufacturer (the Mexican Chiclero Consortium) made this discovery using a particular rubber capable of dissolving in water, earth or dust in just six weeks.

All thanks to the precious contribution of fifty-six cooperatives which collect over two thousand rubber farmers, the so-called chicleros, active in the areas of the Yucatan. There Chicza Rainforest Gum in this way it will solve a problem with an environmental impact that is only apparently harmless: a normal chewing-gum takes on average five years for normal decomposition.

Mexican farmers only carve the bark of the tree, without damaging the forest that "hosts" them. This also means the regeneration of the Sapodilla (the tree that produces rubber) and its possible continuous use. If you consider that in the British capital alone, the administration spends £ 250.000 a year to clear the streets of tires, such a solution - albeit belated to its urgent need - appears more appropriate than ever.


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