Celeriac: 10 recipes to enjoy it at its best

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Celeriac, many recipes to prepare celeriac in an always different and tasty way, here are many ideas for you to make in the kitchen, based on celeriac.

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Il celeriac it is a very particular vegetable, very different from classic celery, or coast celery. In fact, the root of celeriac is used and consumed. One can speak of celeriac as a real one root vegetable.

It is low in calories and has a delicate taste, which makes it suitable for the preparation of many recipes. Here are many ideas taken from the web to cook celeriac in an always different and tasty way.


Celeriac meatballs

From the blog Fabien's Kitchen, here is a recipe to prepare some meatballs based on rapid celery. I am completely plant based and gluten-free. Corn flour is used to make the meatballs crisp. Among the spices to flavor there is no shortage of turmeric, ginger and coriander. Here the complete recipe.

photo source: http://fabien.wordpress.com

Celeriac with truffles

The blog My recipes with and without proposes a very special recipe to prepare celeriac. This is the celeriac with truffles, a very simple recipe to make. However, the author suggests paying close attention during cooking. It might be a really good idea to impress your guests. Follow Thu the complete recipe.

photo source: lemiericetteconesenza.blogspot.com

Mashed potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes and celeriac

With potatoes, jerusalem artichokes e celeriac you can prepare a delicious homemade puree and even tastier than usual. You will have to cook the vegetables over low heat, in boiling water, until they are softened and then blend everything to obtain a puree. Discover the complete recipe here.

photo source: epicurious.com

Leek, beetroot and celeriac soup

Celeriac lends itself perfectly to the preparation of soups. You can use celeriac for the preparation of your usual soups. Just replace it with potatoes in your already tried recipes. The beetroot will add an extra pop of color. Follow here the recipe to prepare this excellent celeriac soup.

photo source: allrecipes.com

Celeriac cutlets

It only takes a few minutes to transform celeriac into a tasty one vegetarian cutlet. To form yours cutlets you will have to cut the celeriac rather thick slices. Since this vegetable is low in calories, once in a while you can afford to prepare it with a light frying in a pan.

photo source: dettofranoi.com

Cream of celeriac

From the Cinzia Ai Fornelli blog here is a recipe to prepare a tasty and delicate one cream of celeriac, which you can serve in a cup, accompanied by toast homemade e in the shape of a star. This is a truly original idea for lovingly teaching children to eat vegetables and greens. Here the complete recipe.

source photo: cinziaaifornelli.blogspot.com

Breaded celeriac

A tasty variant of the celeriac cutlets proposed in the previous point provides a crunchy and abundant breading, to be made even more tasty by using lemon juice. Here then is the breaded celeriac proposed by Ginger And Tomato. For the breading, use preferably homemade breadcrumbs, starting with stale bread. Here the complete recipe.

photo source: gingerandtomato.com

Strudel with cabbage and celeriac

Celeriac, combined with cabbage black, it's a perfect filling for one Salty Strudel, to be served as a main course or as an appetizer. You will also use del savoy cabbage for the stuffing. The basis for the strudel can be homemade puff pastry.

photo source: leifoodie.com

Celeriac lasagna

From the blog Cravatte Ai Fornelli here is a recipe to prepare one vegetarian lasagna based on celeriac. You can get the best result by preparing the bechamel, rather than buying a ready-made sauce. Celeriac, along with potatoes and grated cheese, will be part of the filling of your lasagna. THU the complete recipe.

photo source: cravatteaifornelli.net

Millefeuille of celeriac

From the vegetarian cooking blog Longbottoms of Francy, here is a truly elegant and original idea to prepare and serve celeriac. Celeriac goes well with oranges, which are also perfect in the preparation of some savory dishes. Your third secret ingredient will be the jerusalem artichokes. Follow the complete recipe here to get a perfect one millefeuille of celeriac.

photo source: paciocchidifrancy.com

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