Cardamom: 10 Benefits That Will Make You Use This Indian Spice More

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Cardamom is a spice native to the Indian subcontinent, and used in traditional medicine for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Let's discover the main benefits of this still little known spice.

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Il cardamom it is an intensely flavored and slightly sweet spice, which some people compare to mint. It is native to India, but is now available worldwide and used in both sweet and savory recipes. Cardamom seeds, oils and extracts are believed to have impressive medicinal properties and have been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

Here are 10 health benefits, backed by science. (Read also: Cardamom, a spice to discover)


It can lower blood pressure

Il cardamom can be helpful for people with high blood pressure. In one study, researchers administered three grams of cardamom powder per day to 20 adults who were diagnosed with high blood pressure. After 12 weeks, blood pressure levels were significantly reduced. The promising results of this study may be related to the high levels of antioxidants in cardamom. In fact, the participants' antioxidant status had increased by 90% by the end of the study. 

Researchers also suspect that the spice may lower blood pressure due to its diuretic effect, which means it can promote urination to remove water that builds up in the body.

It may contain anticancer compounds

I compounds in cardamom can help fight cancer cells. Studies have shown that cardamom powder can increase the activity of certain enzymes that help fight cancer.

This spice can also improve the ability of natural cells to attack tumors. While the results are promising, more research is needed.

It can protect against chronic diseases thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects

Cardamom is rich in compounds that can fight inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the body is exposed to foreign substances. Acute inflammation is necessary and beneficial, but long-term inflammation can lead to chronic disease.

- antioxidants, present in abundance in cardamom, they protect cells from damage and prevent inflammation from occurring. One study found that cardamom extract in doses of 50-100 mg per kg of body weight was effective in inhibiting at least four different inflammatory compounds. Another study showed that eating cardamom powder reduced liver inflammation induced by a diet high in carbohydrates and fat.

It can help with digestive problems, including ulcers

Cardamom has been used for thousands of years for help digestion. It is often mixed with other medicinal spices to relieve intestinal discomfort, nausea and vomiting. The most sought-after property of cardamom relates to relieving stomach problems, and its possible ability to heal ulcers. There search it also suggests that cardamom may protect against Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium linked to the development of most stomach ulcer problems.

It can cure bad breath and prevent tooth decay

In some cultures, it is common to freshen the breath by eating whole cardamom pods after a meal. The reason why cardamom can lead tofresh mint breath it might have something to do with hers ability to fight common mouth bacteria. One study found that cardamom extracts were effective in fighting five bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Further research shows that cardamom extract can reduce the number of bacteria in saliva samples by 54%.

It can have antibacterial properties and cure infections

Cardamom also has antibacterial properties outside the mouth, and can cure infections. There search shows that cardamom extracts and essential oils have compounds that fight several common bacterial strains.

Uno study examined the impact of these extracts on drug-resistant strains of Candida, a yeast that can cause fungal infections. The extracts were able to inhibit the growth of some 0,99–1,49 cm strains. Further research found that essential oils and cardamom extracts were just as, and sometimes more effective, than standard medications against E. coli and Staphylococcus, bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

It can improve breathing and oxygen use

The compounds of cardamom they can help increase airflow to the lungs, and improve breathing. When used in aromatherapy, can provide an invigorating odor that improves the body's ability to use oxygen during exercise. One study asked a group of participants to inhale cardamom essential oil for one minute before walking on a treadmill, for 15-minute intervals. This group had significantly greater oxygen uptake than the control group.

Another way the cardamom can improve breathing and the use of oxygen is to relax the airways. This can be particularly useful for the treatment of asthma; in fact, one study found that cardamom extract injections could relax the throat's air passage, thereby improving asthma.

It can lower blood sugar levels

When taken as a powder, the cardamom can lower blood sugar. In one study, participants were divided into groups who took only black tea or black tea with three grams of cinnamon, cardamom, or ginger every day for eight weeks. The results showed that cinnamon, but not cardamom or ginger, improved blood sugar control. To better understand the effect of cardamom on blood sugar in humans, more studies are needed.

Other potential benefits of cardamom

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, cardamom can be good for your health in other ways too, because

  • protects the liver: cardamom extract can reduce elevated levels of liver enzymes, triglycerides and cholesterol. It can also prevent liver enlargement, which reduces the risk of fatty liver disease.
  • reduces anxiety: one study suggests that theCardamom Extract Can Prevent Anxious Behavior. This could be because low blood levels of antioxidants have been linked to the development of anxiety and other mood disorders.
  • Promotes Weight Loss: A study of 80 overweight and obese prediabetic women found a link between cardamom and slightly reduced waist circumference. 

Safe for most people

Il cardamom is generally safe for most people. The most common way to use it is in the kitchen; it is very versatile and is often added in dishes with an oriental flavor, or in desserts, such as gingerbread cookies, or even in bread and other baked goods.

Although it is safe, there is currently no recommended dose; therefore the use of supplements with cardamom should always be monitored by your doctor. Additionally, these types of supplements may not be suitable for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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